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Air Scrubber Rental San Francisco

Air Scrubber Rental in the San Francisco Area

Do you need air scrubbers in San Francisco? A-1 certified environmental services has air scrubbers that can be delivered to your home or business property on request. Air pollutants also can cause allergy problems and initiate an asthmatic attack. So, you need to cleanse the air around your home and business place.

We offer Air Scrubber services in the San Francisco region as well as the rest of the Bay Area such as Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, Stockton, San Rafael, Napa, San Mateo, Vallejo and Livermore.

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How Does an Air Scrubber Work?

An air scrubber is similar to an air filter. It cleanses the air, gets rid of dust and contaminants, and ensures you have clean, fresh air in your indoor spaces. An air scrubber cleans the air in the building using advanced filters which trap contaminants.

Why Use an Air Scrubber?

An air scrubber can help get rid of bacteria to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. Also, air scrubbers reduce the chances of an allergy problem, sinus, or issues with asthma since it purifies the air and ensures the indoor air is free of pollutants.

If your residential or business place is close to where pollutants can easily find their way in, it's recommended you rent an air scrubber to purify the air. Air scrubbers are safe for your kids or pets in your home. There are no worries about an air scrubber having any side effects.

Other methods people use to treat indoor air are the use of air fresheners and chemicals. However, these methods are also pollutants in themselves and have negative side effects in case of excessive use.

If you want to cleanse your indoor air in San Francisco, renting an air scrubber is an effective option

Air Scrubber Rental and Hydroxyl Generator Rental in California

Air Scrubber Rental in California

When to use an air scrubber

Many do not believe their homes can be polluted or contaminated unless they smell it. What they do not know is that the accumulation of odor and particles in the air can cause five times more pollution indoors than outdoors.

You can set up an appointment for an indoor air test to find out how pure the air is your home.

Other situations you use an air scrubber include

1. After a fire outbreak. While this is quite obvious, people might get busy worrying about other things, so they forget they need thorough air purification.

2. After a flood. After a flood, the air gets humid and there will be the transmission of airborne bacteria. Mold spores will also form after a few days making it dangerous to stay without an indoor air quality test.

Additionally, you should purify the air if you or anyone around you indulges in a habit like smoking, or your home or business space is located near a construction site. In these kinds of situations, you should be more intentional about purifying the air. More so, if you have allergies or asthma, you should be concerned about making sure your indoor air is clean.

Where to use an air scrubber

You can make use of indoor air scrubbers for the following reasons:

- To correct unexpected damage. If by chance, you experience water damage, for instance, you will need to get rid of the humid atmosphere, bacteria, and other pollutants. You will need an air scrubber to filter out any contaminants. If the water stays for an extended period of time, it may cause mold to form, which is dangerous to the health. Molds cause chronic illnesses, making it essential to get rid of them quickly.

- In medical health care centers. The health care center gets a lot of people in and out daily, making it important to have a good air-purifying system. Toxins are easily exchanged if poor low-quality air is not treated regularly.

So, toxins can't afford to wait for that period that the medical air purifying system goes bad to cause varying health issues. To prevent this, air scrubber rental is the go-to.

- On construction sites: With the amount of work done daily on construction sites, especially demolition projects, people around are more likely to inhale dust, toxic gases, and other chemical fumes. Having an air scrubber will make the environment a safer place to work.

Air Scrubber Rental and Hydroxyl Generator Rental in California

Hydroxyl Generator Rental in California

How Long should an air scrubber run for?

Ideally, to remove pollutants from the air, an air scrubber should run for up to a week or more. The air quality should be at least in the 400- 600 CFM range.

This is for a general rule; because the size of the area to be covered still determines how long the purifier will need to do its job. This calculation will be done by an air purifier expert.

When you need to cover a large space, you might have to use a hydroxyl generator instead of a regular air purifier. This is so that you can filter a greater area in less time.

Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl Generators also do similar work to the air scrubber, even though they work differently.

Hydroxyl Generators are more effective in purifying the air and eliminate a larger range of bacteria and odor. They also cover more ground, in cases like floods, musty odors, and smoke remediation jobs.

A Hydroxyl Generators uses UV-C radiation similar to the process in our sun! They create hydroxyl radicals which decompose chemicals in the air. Essentially, they interact with odor-causing microbials in the air and then break up and destroy those microbials.

Hydroxyl Generator Rental

Air Scrubber Rental and Hydroxyl Generator Rental in the Bay Area

Why Choose A-1 Certified Environmental Services

If you need Air Scrubber rentals in the San Francisco region, A-1 Certified Environmental Services are the best in the business. We are also known for being friendly and punctual and we deliver same-day services, often within hours of calling us.

We have professionals who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about all the various systems that make up the household. This makes it easy to pay attention to the right details and do thorough work.

If you are interested in an air scrubber rental or you need a hydroxyl generator, we are here to help. And if you have any questions, you can put a call through to us for a brief consultation. The correct machines will be delivered directly to your location and removed once your issue is solved.

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We have Air Scrubber services in the San Francisco area and here are just a few of the neighborhoods in the SF region that we also serve: Presideo Heights, Sea Cliff, Marina District, Haight-Ashbury, Noe Valley, Pacific Heights, Glen Park and Russian Hill.

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