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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in California

It’s easy to conclude that indoor air is cleaner and better for you than outdoor air because of the high levels of pollution outdoors. You should know, however, that the air indoors may even be more dangerous than the outside air.

Also worth noting, the indoor air in commercial buildings can even be more dangerous than the air in personal and residential buildings.

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We perform Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the California region which includes the major cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Long Beach, Oakland, Fresno, Sacramento, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Riverside. We also carry out a number of the other air quality testing services such as mold testing, VOC testing and formaldehyde testing.

Commercial buildings like office buildings, churches, schools, and shopping malls are more prone to having bad air quality as large numbers of people visit the buildings and perform countless activities, many of which can have a negative influence on the air. Buildings like nail salons, laundromats, and dry-cleaners often have poor air quality because they deal with different dangerous and volatile chemicals.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing all it can to protect us by ensuring the outdoor air we breathe in California is of good quality, it is our responsibility to ensure that the indoor air is also as clean and fresh as possible. Particularly, commercial building owners should make sure to have clean indoor air as it will affect the occupants of the building, both employees and customers alike.

So as a commercial building owner, how can you achieve good indoor air quality? Before you can achieve good indoor air, you must first know whether or not the air is clean or if it’s contaminated. This is why there is a need to conduct commercial indoor air quality testing in California.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality – What’s Involved?

Commercial indoor air quality explains how good or how poor the air quality is. In other words, it measures the percentage of the air that is contaminated and, as a result, how healthy or unhealthy the air is in your commercial space.

The Environmental Protection Agency has always made awareness about the importance of testing indoor air quality. However, more recently an even greater emphasis has been placed on air quality since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

It is essential to know the state of the air quality in commercial buildings as it directly affects the occupant’s health. As a commercial building owner, there is only one way to know the quality of the air in your commercial building. It’s simply done by carrying out a commercial indoor air quality test.

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What Is Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing?

Commercial indoor air quality testing is a procedure carried out in commercial buildings to determine how healthy the air in the commercial building is.

Indoor air quality testing is important as it helps to know if there is anything harmful in the air people inhale in your commercial building.

You’ll agree that it would be far more preferable to get a proper medical diagnosis before taking medications without even knowing what is empirically wrong with you. This is why you should carry out commercial indoor air quality testing before taking action to purify the air.

Do you have a commercial building in California and need to conduct indoor air quality testing? Then you’re in the right place. At A-1 Certified Environmental Services, we conduct commercial indoor air quality testing as well as a number of other air testing procedures.

Commercial indoor quality testing helps you to know the status of the indoor air and what specific pollutants are in the air.

Air Contaminants in Commercial Building

Several things will affect the quality of commercial building indoor air. These are contaminants that can be evaporated into the air. Some of these contaminants include the following.

VOCs – are also known as volatile organic compounds. They are volatile, and they contaminate the air by releasing harmful gases into the air. Some common sources of volatile organic compounds include; paints, pesticides, building materials, cleansers, disinfectants, adhesives, dry cleaning chemicals, air fresheners and many more common household products.

Excess moisture – although a lot of people do not see moisture as something that can be dangerous and harmful to their health. However, excessive moisture can cause as much harm as any volatile organic compound. Excess moisture can aid the growth of dust mites and molds that can trigger asthma and allergies.

Importance of Carrying Out Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

It’s extremely important to carry out commercial indoor air quality testing. A major reason is that it enables you to know the exact status of the indoor air in your work space.

Once you know the air quality status of your commercial building, that will help you know how you explicitly need to purify the air if there is any significant pollution in the space. This will indirectly help you limit the spread of airborne diseases and also prevent the occupants from being harmed by bad air quality.

Why You Should Contact Us for Your Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in California

A-1 Certified Environmental Services offers services like commercial indoor air quality testing, chemical testing, mold testing and VOC testing.

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Here are some reasons to contact us to conduct commercial indoor air quality testing in California.

  • We are a team of competent professionals with years of experience at A-1 Certified Environmental Services.
  • We have the essential equipment to conduct accurate and precise indoor air quality testing for commercial buildings.
  • We have a qualified team that is always ready to conduct commercial indoor air quality. We take proactive actions when you call on us.
  • We neither conduct remediation services nor partner with any remediation service company in California. Hence, we promise to always give objective and unbiased test results to our customers.

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Now that you know about commercial indoor air quality testing, it’s important to employ the service of professionals to conduct indoor air quality testing for your own office building, factory, school, church, hotel, restaurant, museum, hospital, shop or fire station – you name it, we can test it!

This is the first step you can take to ensure that the air quality in your commercial building is standard and that it will not harm its occupants.

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