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Commercial Mold Testing Los Angeles

Commercial Mold Testing in the Los Angeles Region

Mold is a fungus that can make its way into any building. It can be dangerous for anyone but particularly dangerous for commercial building owners. Mold in a commercial building affects the occupants' health and the surface on which it is found. It also affects the indoor air quality of commercial buildings.

Therefore, it is essential to hire a mold testing expert, to detect mold before it begins to cause problems.

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In addition to LA, we also offer commercial mold testing in the surrounding California area including the cities of Long Beach, Santa Anna, Glendale, Anaheim, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Irvine and Huntington Beach.

If you search online for "commercial mold testing in Los Angeles", there may be several options of companies to hire. However, for the best results, you need to hire a reputable company that does not offer mold remediation. However, there’s no need to stress. At A1-Certified Environmental Services, we pride ourselves on being a leading mold testing company in the Los Angeles region.

Before you read about why you should hire us for the mold testing of your commercial property in Los Angeles, here's more information about mold. 

For more detailed information, please visit our main Mold Testing page. We also provide Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in most areas of California. 

Mold: a Threat to Human Health

Mold is a type of fungi that thrives almost anywhere moisture and oxygen are present. It grows very fast, under favorable conditions, that is, if it has access to air and water.

When mold grows in your office building, factory, school, or church, it does not only damage the property, it also leads to health problems. Commercial buildings like office buildings, churches, schools, and shopping malls are prone to having mold or poor indoor air quality. Other commercial buildings like nail salons, laundromats, and dry-cleaners often have poor air quality because they deal with different dangerous and volatile chemicals.

Harmful Effects of Mold

Mold growth causes harm in two ways. Firstly, when mold begins to grow on or around a property, it feeds on the materials it is growing on, thereby causing property damage.

Secondly, as mold grows, it releases tiny spores into the air which can cause many health problems. If these spores are inhaled, they can lead to severe respiratory problems. A common example of mold that causes respiratory problems is black mold, (Stachybotrys chartarum).

Other health risks associated with mold growth are sneezing, asthma, headaches, runny nose, skin rashes, red eyes, dizziness, and many more. These health risks are particularly harmful to children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing respiratory issues.

How do You Know if You Have Mold?

Usually, mold makes itself known through smell before it becomes visible. It has a stale odor that causes sneezing or nose irritation.

If you begin to notice a stale odor in your commercial space that you own or manage, it is advisable to start investigating as soon as possible by hiring mold testing experts to test the suspected areas.

These areas are bathroom tile and grout, basement walls, under sinks, and areas with high humidity and low ventilation. Areas like roof spaces and basements are also prime targets for mold.

Several visible signs indicate mold growth. These signs include peeling wallpaper, dark or colored spots on walls, dampness, darkened grout between tiles, and others. Hire a certified mold testing agent once you notice these signs in your home or office.

How Does Mold spread?

Mold spreads by producing spores that spread across large areas. Mold begins in a single spot, and then spreads out from there.

Mold spores are continuously produced from a mold colony in search of a new spot with favorable conditions. They are not contained in one area. With disturbances from people, pets, air from fans, and other factors, they travel fast to every suitable surface.

Some mold types have spores that are easily disturbed and spread quickly with each disturbance. Others have sticky spores that cling to surfaces and are dislodged by any direct contact with them. Spores may be able to grow for years after they are produced.

commercial mold testing Los Angeles Long Beach,
commercial mold testing Los Angeles Santa Anna,
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commercial mold testing Los Angeles Los Angeles

Los Angeles Commercial Mold Testing

In simple terms, mold testing involves taking a sample of air from an area that is vulnerable to mold, and subjecting it to scientific processes in a licensed laboratory.

A mold inspector tests the air or surface to detect the kind of mold that exists and the chances of growth or survival of the mold in the area tested.

Commercial mold testing involves taking a sample of air in an area that is susceptible to mold in commercial places like schools, office buildings, and churches, and subjecting it to a mold test in a licensed laboratory.

If your tenants or employees are complaining of musty odors, illnesses only when at work, or you notice recurrent water damage, a leaky roof, dark spots on building materials, or water stains on walls or ceilings, then you need to contact a mold expert to carry out a mold test.

Mold testing helps to detect the presence of mold early enough. Thereby preventing any health issue or property damage that may arise from its presence.

How we Carry Out Commercial Mold Testing in Los Angeles

Our mold experts mostly use two simple and reliable methods to test for mold in any commercial building. Depending on the severity of the mold, we can use one of the methods or combine all the methods.

Air Sampling. This provides the highest level of scientific confirmation of mold. It not only helps us to confirm the presence of mold spores and types from several locations at once, but it also indicates the number of mold spores in the air.

Surface testing which involves scraping the suspected surface which is then tested in a certified lab. This helps us to detect the presence of mold and the type of mold present.

After the mold testing is completed, you'll get a comprehensive report from a licensed laboratory. Our reports are easy to read. After studying it, get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Why you should hire us for commercial mold testing in Los Angeles?

As mentioned earlier, there are several mold testing agencies in the Los Angeles region, making it difficult to make the best choice. However, by selecting us, you're making the best choice. See the reasons you should hire us below:

We are Experts

We have been in the industry for over 20 years. Therefore, we have a broad knowledge of mold testing as well as other indoor air quality testing. We are experts at what we do.

We Are Always at Your Service

You can always reach out to us any time you need our service.

Our Results are Reliable

We provide accurate and reliable results. Unlike many other companies, we are not a mold remediation company, nor do we have affiliation with any mold remediation agency in Los Angeles. Hence, be rest assured that our results are 100% unbiased. We have hundreds of reviews from clients can attest to this.

Dedicated Team

Our team of experts is honest, dependable, and dedicated to serving you.

Reach Out to Us

It's risky to rely on assumptions when evaluating if mold is present in your office, factory, or any commercial building. We are the go-to agency for commercial mold testing in Los Angeles and its environs.

We do not carry out mold testing in commercial places alone, we also test for mold in homes and other residential spaces.

Reach out to us today and let us perform a professional mold test and give you a reliable report, so you can take the necessary steps to get rid of mold from your workplace, church, school, or home.