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Indoor Environmental Testing assessment includes several characteristics of Indoor Air Quality Testing in the home environment. It may consist of testing for biological pollutants, for example molds and the use of scientific devices to get accurate indoor air quality readings. This might also involve testing for VOCs (volatile organic compounds - a form of chemical off-gassing. This kind of testing might also include checking for moisture issues or of identifying possible underlying sources of that moisture. Essentially, we can perform indoor air quality testing in your home, office or even industrial plant and provide accurate certified lab evaluation of air or surface samples.

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We're happy to help you out with your Commercial and Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing needs, but keep in mind, we also undertake VOC Testing and Mold Testing in the California region.

Indoor environmental quality indicates the condition of a building’s environment as it relates to the wellbeing of those who live or work in that structure. It’s defined by several considerations, involving its general indoor air quality and the potential presence of unventilated moisture in the building. 

Employees are often rightfully worried they might get chronic medical health conditions due to exposure to pollutants in their indoor environment. Research does indicate a strong correlation with medical symptoms that are related to excessive moisture or poor ventilation. Indoor environments can be extremely complicated, and workers may be exposed to a variety of chemical impurities from cleaning products, carpets, cigarette smoke, and a host of other office supplies. Microbial growth can also lead to black mold, mildew, and other bacterial threats. Issues like relative humidity and air circulation levels can also affect how people respond to the indoor environment. Recognizing the causes of indoor environmental impurities and managing them can help counteract symptoms related to a building’s natural environment.

Environmental Testing California

Indoor Environmental Testing San Francisco

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the San Francisco Region

Many people work in some sort of indoor facility - between schools, offices, factories, and other commercial workplaces. Indoor structures are the most common work environment for most people, so it only makes sense to keep the indoor air quality of your commercial building at its freshest.

Performing commercial indoor air quality testing on your business property is crucial - in fact it’s as important as doing it within your own home. There is an immense variety of different activities taking place in commercial sites, and there is no question that indoor commercial indoor air quality testing is vital, especially if your business includes using chemical agents such as nail salons, dry cleaners, painters, flooring installers or laundromats.

Warehouses, factories, and other large office buildings are all familiar commercial facilities. You’ll never be able to indoor air quality to such an extent that the air is completely clean, it’s important that air quality is so poor that the health of the people in the building is compromised. The first step towards improving the air quality in any large building is to run a commercial indoor air quality test to determine if there are any contaminated areas with traces of volatile organic compounds or mold.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing San Jose

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing San Francisco

Considering the havoc that certain air-borne diseases are causing lately, it would be easy to assume that checking indoor air quality and looking for signs of mold qualify as the need of the hour. The notion that you will be exposed to the dangers of air pollution only when you step out of your home must be redefined. The reality is that poor air quality and other toxins in your apartment can be much worse than the pollution and smoke in the air outside your home. In many cases using an environmental testing service in your region of California, may well be your only recourse.

Even though you may clean your home daily and do everything to maintain it, what you don't realize is, indoor air pollution cannot be avoided by simple cleaning. The fact that contaminated air finds its way into your home from the outside cannot be denied. In addition, indoor sources such as chemical products, construction leftovers, insects, all contribute to poor indoor air quality. Finally, one of the major nuisances known to mankind; mold, can seriously cause significant health issues in your home. Instead of investing in high-end and elaborate cleaning systems right away, try get to the core of the problem. If there is an issue with the air quality or if there’s any kind of mold infestation in the building, an effective solution can be only established if you get to the core of the problem. Get in touch with a team of professionals who have years of experience who can determine the underlying causes leading to the problem.

Environmental Testing California

Indoor Environmental Testing California

To give you deeper insight into the concept of indoor air quality and mold testing, we will give you some of the chief benefits and their importance in making your house a safer place to live.

Reduced Health Risks

The first and the most important advantage of conducting indoor air quality testing and mold testing in your home or commercial space is that the vulnerability of your health to common and life-threatening diseases will significantly decrease. Several health institutions have stated that in more than 50% of the cases, indoor air quality is around two to five times worse than when compared to outdoor air quality. Statistically, most people spend around 70-80% of their life indoors.

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Children and older people, who already may have weak immune systems, are susceptible to the hazards of polluted indoor air. There is no doubt, if the air quality of your home or office is poor, you can experience persistent headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, asthma symptoms, allergies, sinus congestion or irritation. With sub-par air quality, these potential issues are going to be with you on an ongoing basis and your chronic medical condition may get worse over time. No matter how much medication you take, your condition will continue to decline until such time that the air quality is accurately tested and ultimately improved.

There are many homeowners who have been experiencing these symptoms for quite some time but haven't been able to figure out why or what is triggering them. Besides confirming whether or not the air quality needs to be improved or if there are any hidden spots with mold growth, an indoor environmental testing service will ensure that you are completely educated about the issue. This testing will provide you with valuable information and solutions to prevent additional concerns arising from bad air quality in the future.

Check for Mold and Mildew

Fungi and molds can occur at any time, but during summer in particular, they can be much worse due to humid and warm conditions which can exacerbate the contamination in your indoor surroundings.

Although the outbreaks begin in wet places including basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, if the air quality of the house and office is not healthy, it will quickly spread to the entire building. If the concentration of mold starts increasing in a given space, it can open the door to conditions such as skin irritation, wheezing and nasal irritability. Several studies have also stated that prolonged exposure to indoor mold can increase the chance of children to life-long ailments such as asthma.

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studies suggest that to successfully combat the growth of mold, you need to first discover the exact type of mold you are dealing with. Mold testing offered by a certified indoor air quality testing company would be sufficient to outline the best practices for eradicating and controlling mold and controlling its spread in the future. Additionally, you must be aware of the fact that contaminants like dust, mold, and mildew don't simply upset one's health. If it is left to grow, mold will gradually cause destruction to the property and consequently, depreciate the value and appearance of your home. The problem with these infiltrations is that you might not be able to notice them with the naked eye. In fact, most mold outbreaks occur in place that are inaccessible, for example behind your walls, in the sub-floor or in your attic. Hence, professional intervention in such scenarios is a must.

The Bottom Line

A trustworthy technician from A-1 Certified Environmental Services who is equipped with the right instruments and has full accreditation will be able to tell if your domestic or commercial space is clear of mold, VOC's or any other airborne irritants. Remember that testing indoor air quality shouldn't be a one-time thing; to ascertain that you, your family, and co-workers are in a benign environment, consider doing regular indoor air quality tests.

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