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Do you live or have a workspace in the San Francisco Region? Now may be the time to conduct fiberglass testing in your home or office. If you suspect the presence of fiberglass in your home or office, call for help immediately.

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What is Fiberglass?

By letting fiberglass spread all over their homes, many people have lost some of their most treasured possessions. Here's a tragic account of how a Prescott Valley family found fiberglass in their children's beds and how they had to throw out a lot of their soft furniture.

A Prescott Valley Family Found Fiberglass in Mattress (Arizona CBS Channel 5 News)

You need not wait until you become the latest victim of fiberglass contamination to realize what a menace fiberglass contamination can be.

Let us help you out…

Fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced plastic made from glass fibers firmly dipped in resin. You can get fiberglass by combining particles of glass filaments and the resin, adding resin to the glass.

The resin will be added to the fiberglass by placing them randomly across each other to ensure a tough, strong, durable, and less brittle material.

Fiberglass is used in residential and commercial building insulation, filters, and car body panels. It can be used via hand laying, spraying, and compression molding.

So, what's the bad buzz about fiberglass contamination?

Fiberglass contaminants can cause some negative side effects. It's best to test for fiberglass to find out if your air is contaminated and how to treat it.

Fiberglass Testing Sacramento

Fiberglass Testing San Francisco

Here are some side effects of prolonged exposure to fiberglass.

* Respiratory system issues: Too much exposure to fiberglass can cause respiratory problems and trigger underlying issues like asthma.

* Eyes, Nose, and throat irritation: fiberglass particles cause irritation to the nose and throat and cause eye redness.

* Skin Irritation: Direct skin contact with fiberglass can cause itching, rashes, and other skin irritations.

* Increased cancer risk: Even though this is still subject to debate by scientists, continuous exposure to fiberglass particles may increase the chances of cancer in the body.

* Structural damage: Exposure to fiberglass will weaken the building structures over time, causing structural damage if uncontrolled.

Note: Fiberglass is a common material used in bedding and mattresses. It is woven into mattress covers to act as a flame retardant.

If fiberglass remains inside a mattress or new bedding, it is okay. But if it gets out, it can wreak havoc on your house and your health. That is why it is safe to always read the tags on your mattress and bedding.

Fiberglass Testing San Francisco

Fiberglass Testing Sacramento

Fiberglass Testing: What's in it for you?

Fiberglass can be found anywhere in your home or workspace. Here are reasons to test for fiberglass.

To Eliminate Discomfort

If you are staying in a place contaminated with fiberglass, you will always feel uncomfortable breathing it in and coming in contact with it.

Testing for fiberglass helps you discover areas where you may need to get rid of existing fiberglass particles in your home.

Increases Efficiency of HVAC Systems

Often, fiberglass contamination can come from HVAC systems (operating or not). The contamination can reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system and also cause an increase in the energy bill.

Identifying the problem and solving it helps you solve the problem to ensure your HVAC system is working as it should.

Achieve a Better Indoor Air Quality

Fiberglass contaminates indoor air and can have a negative impact on indoor air quality as a result. A professional will easily detect fiberglass when testing indoor air quality and also recommend possible solutions for better indoor air quality.

Don't be a victim of Fiberglass Contamination. Get Quality Fiberglass Testing in the San Francisco Region Today.

The size of a fiberglass dust particle ranges from 1-1000 microns. Hence, you cannot see it with your naked eye—whether in clothes, beds, or the air.

The only practical and viable method to know if there's fiberglass contamination in your home or commercial space is to contact a licensed company in the San Francisco Region that specializes in Fiberglass Testing.

And you can never go wrong with A-1 Certified Environmental Services! We have a highly qualified team of indoor air technicians who are trained to handle many types of environmental testing.

Also, many residents of San Francisco and its environs trust our results because we have proven ourselves trustworthy over the years.

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