Formaldehyde Testing in California

Formaldehyde Testing in the California Region

When was the last time you tested your indoor air? The vapors from formaldehyde can stick around for years if you don’t actively get rid of them. It goes without saying that you cannot get rid of them if you don’t know that they’re in your home or office building. A full Indoor Air Quality test, or at least, Formaldehyde Testing is the first step to a clean and healthy environment.

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In addition to Formaldehyde Testing, we also perform Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing in the entire California region

About Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is an essential chemical utilized widely by many industries to produce building materials and various everyday domestic products. It is also a by-product of combustion and other natural processes. It may appear in significant concentrations both indoors and out.

Why do you Need to Test Your Air Quality?

Sadly, many of the major California cities are highly polluted, and if you live near any of them, you may have some smog and other impurities trapped inside your house. The resulting contaminants can trigger health problems, especially for children and the elderly. Short-term health concerns often imitate allergies and asthma. Long-term problems include heart disease, lung disease, and possibly even cancer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of formaldehyde testing.

Formaldehyde Testing San Francisco

Formaldehyde Testing Los Angeles

Formaldehyde Testing

If you can remember as far back as your high school biology class, you might remember formaldehyde. It’s that strong smelling chemical that preserves animals before you perform a dissection! However, it’s not just for animal preservation. It’s also used in long list of household items, as well. Any of the next products can contain formaldehyde:

- Household products like glue, paints, lacquers, and other finishes
- Some insulation materials
- Resins used in wood products
- Certain types of wood
- Some fabrics
- Fertilizers and pesticides
- Paper products
- Hair and makeup products
- Building materials and insulation
 -Preservatives used in some consumer products such as dishwashing liquids and fabric softeners

An appropriate formaldehyde assessment will take these products into account. On their own, they only include slight volumes of formaldehyde. However, if you have enough of them in your house, you may have formaldehyde buildup in your air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that high formaldehyde levels can cause cancer. If you’ve just moved, renovated, or even bought a lot of new materials, you should consider formaldehyde testing.

How does Exposure to Formaldehyde Occur?

The main way you can be exposed to formaldehyde is by inhaling air comprising off-gassed formaldehyde. Everybody is exposed to minute quantities of formaldehyde in the air that has off gassed from manufactured goods and other products, including wood products, hair and makeup products and building materials.

Formaldehyde Testing Los Angeles

Formaldehyde Testing San Francisco

What You Can Do?

Now you know how badly formaldehyde can impair your family, what can you do? First, you need to look for a quality indoor air testing service that also does formaldehyde testing. Make sure that this company goes further than a ‘generic’ air check. You’ll want a business that can explicitly undertake formaldehyde testing. Ask questions about these specific options prior to hiring this business.

The next thing you’ll need to undertake on a regular basis is to have your soft surfaces and air ducts cleaned on a frequent basis. Soft surfaces ‘absorb’ contaminants and toxins. When you sit on your couch or walk on your carpets, you can release those materials into the air. Cleaning them can decrease your risk for contaminated air. Your air ducts distribute air through the house. By having them cleaned, you can significantly enhance your quality of life.

Safeguard Yourself and Your Family from Formaldehyde.

The best way you can do this is to decrease the number of formaldehyde products in your home or business:
Think about purchasing composite wood products certified as compliant with hardwoods, particleboard, and fiberboard. These ANSI standards include limits on the amount of formaldehyde emissions.

For those living in California, think about using composite wood products that are certified as conforming to the California Air Resources Board Airborne Toxic Control Measure to Reduce Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products.

The EPA has also issued questions and answers to address formaldehyde concerns with laminate flooring on this page:

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When you carry out the procedures above on an ongoing basis, you can rest assured that your family is breathing fresh, contaminant-free air. Are you ready to protect your family and friends in your home? If so, contact the specialists at A-1 Certified Environmental Services. 

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