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We are surrounded by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) every day. Paints, printer inks, coatings, air fresheners, glue, sprays, disinfectants, and waxes are a few examples of office and household items that contain and emit volatile organic compounds.

Due to their reactive nature, the volatile chemicals in these products can contaminate the air quality in an environment, potentially posing chronic health risks.

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In addition to Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing in the Hollywood district, we offer testing services in the surrounding cities such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Culver City, Huntington Park, Burbank, City of Industry, Lennox, Westmont, La Canada Flintridge and Moreno Valley. We also provide a several other air testing services like Mold Test, Formaldehyde Testing as well as others.

Various types of discomfort are indicators of bad air quality. If you don’t feel uncomfortable, you may easily assume that volatile organic compounds are not affecting the quality of the air you breathe. Keep in mind, VOCs are always in higher concentrations for indoor air when compared to outside air. Contact a reliable indoor air quality and VOC testing agency to test your home or office indoor air for VOCs.

What Does Indoor Air Quality Mean?

Indoor air quality refers to the air quality in any given environment – at home and in public places. Pollutants like volatile organic compounds can significantly affect the air quality in any indoor environment.

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

So many things can cause poor air quality – from volatile organic compounds to mold or other air pollutants. When you use some household items that emit VOCs, these volatile chemicals can negatively affect the indoor air in your home, thereby compromising the air quality.

Likewise, in public spaces, indoor environments like offices, some items like permanent markers, printer inks, corrections fluids, etc., can discharge VOCs into the air and make it detrimental for breathing.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds?

VOCs are chemical compounds that consist of gas released by liquids or solids at temperatures equal to or higher than the atmosphere. These chemical compounds can be gas, liquid, or solid – and they are present in almost all raw materials and manufactured products.

Volatile organic compounds are hazardous to people’s health and can also affect the air quality in an indoor environment. VOCs are a part of the indoor atmosphere that is commonly neglected but are the cause of several health effects people experience.

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Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Some cleaning agents, paint removers, and paints.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Wood curers.
  • Office supplies like printer inks, carbon paper, and photocopy machine inks.
  • Tetrachloroethene for metal degreasing and in laundries for washing.
  • Organic fuels like petrol.
  • Aerosol spray.
  • Liquefied petroleum gas in automobiles.
  • Fumes from vehicle exhaust pipes.
  • Benzene from cigarette smoke.
  • Some insect repellent spray and air fresheners.
  • Pesticides.
  • Adhesives and photography chemicals.
  • Antiseptics, etc.

What Does VOC Testing Mean?

VOC testing involves gathering air from an environment exposed to volatile organic compounds and evaluating the air sample to check for the presence of any volatile chemicals.

When you contact an indoor air quality and VOC testing company to undertake testing for you, they will collect air samples from the indoor environment and send them to a certified VOC testing lab for evaluation.

Impacts of VOCs on Indoor Air Quality

Many washing, sanitizing, cosmetic products, sealants, and paints, consist of organic substances that can negatively affect the air quality in an indoor environment.

Certain materials (liquids or solids) emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as gasses, some of which may have harmful short and long-term effects on indoor air quality.

When burned to a certain level, fuels made of organic substances can release chemical gasses into the atmosphere, increasing the likelihood of poor indoor air quality in the environment.

When some products occasionally emit volatile organic compounds into the air, it can have a detrimental impact on the skin, trigger allergies and irritation and compromise indoor air quality.

What Situations Call for Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing?

Utilizing your sense of smell alone won’t allow you to accurately determine how much VOCs are active in the indoor environment of your house or workplace.

Call an indoor air quality and VOC testing agency when any of the following happens.

  • After repairing any part of your home or workplace because volatile organic compounds are present in paints, coatings, and some building construction materials.
  • After installing a printer in your office.
  • After installing a new floor, furnishings, and cabinets.
  • After using permanent markers, correction fluids, and carbon paper for a long time.
  • After painting your home with a sprayer.

How We Do Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing

When you contact us to test your indoor air for volatile organic compounds, we will gather a specified volume of the indoor air in a container. Then, we will send the air sample to a certified laboratory.

Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing Bel Air
Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing Hollywood

The scientists at the lab will undertake the required procedures to carry out the tests and check for the presence of VOCs in the air sample. We will collate the result, prepare a report for you, and make necessary recommendations so you can take action immediately and restore the quality of your indoor air.

We can handle your indoor air quality and VOC testing. We are experts and will use certified techniques to check for VOCs in your indoor air.

Why You Should Hire Us for Your Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing in the Hollywood Region

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  • Our team of professionals will do the indoor air quality and VOC testing when you contact us.
  • We are experienced and have a great deal of expertise in the field.
  • We deliver promptly.
  • We will answer when you call us. After completing our tests, we will collate the results, draft a report for you and make recommendations so you can take action immediately based on the results.
  • We guarantee efficiency and accuracy.
  • Our test reports are easy to understand because we produce precise reports. But if you do not understand some parts of the result, we are always available to clarify further.

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