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Poor indoor air quality has a lot of harmful effects, and the only way to reduce it is to regularly test your indoor air. And even though the Stockton and Modesto region is considered to be moderately polluted; going by the numerous studies and experiences, your indoor air quality can be as much as 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors.

Although we cover Indoor Air Quality Testing in Stockton and Modesto, we also provide our services in the regions around Tracy, Livermore, Lodi, Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Manteca, Patterson, Galt and Oakley.

In addition, we provide Indoor Air Quality Testing in California as well as Mold Testing, VOC Testing and many other Environmental Testing Services

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You might not notice these pollutants, because they are often odorless. And their effects might seem general, so you might not realize that it’s the effects of poor indoor air quality. However, the more you delay, the worse the air quality can get because your HVAC systems keep circulating the same air in the building over and over again.

Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Whether in your residential home or business place, poor indoor air quality is a cause for concern because of its adverse effects on people’s health. A few of the symptoms poor indoor air quality causes are:

• Headaches
• Nausea
• Shortness of breath
• Triggers and worsens allergies
• Coughing and sneezing
• Dizziness
• Pneumonia
• Sinus congestion and irritation

These symptoms seem relatively minor in the short term, but their more severe effects are felt after a long period of time.

Environmental Testing Stockton

Indoor Air Quality Testing Modesto

Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Testing

Improves Health

When you test your indoor air quality regularly, you will be able to eliminate toxic substances causing the pollution. Thereby, reversing the adverse effect poor air quality has on you or your customers and staff if you’re running a business.

You will also be able to reduce the risk of short or long-term illnesses caused by the pollutants. And you will know the measures to take to prevent or reduce any occurrences in the future.

Saves Energy

When your indoors is dense with pollutants, it reduces the effectiveness of your HVAC system by causing poor ventilation. Then, your ventilation system has to work twice as hard to ensure cross ventilation. This will cause you to use more energy and increase your utility bill.

If this keeps happening in your business place, it will increase the cost of running the business and reduce your profit.

In effect, proper indoor air quality testing ensures the effectiveness of your HVAC system and saves you the extra cost.

Ensures Comfort

Some of the pollutants can cause an unpleasant odor which is not good both in residential and commercial areas. The strong odor might be due to pet droppings, combustion, mold, rodents dropping, and many other indoor pollutants.

The unpleasant odor can discourage customers in your businesses or cause you to get uncomfortable in your home. Plus, these pollutants can cause dull headaches, respiratory system irritation, and other types of discomfort.

Also, poor indoor air quality can deregulate the indoor humidity, causing skin dryness, cold, and viruses. All of these can be prevented by regular indoor air quality testing.

Improved Employee Performance

When your employees are in good health and are comfortable, they will be more effective in their performance.

Good air quality ensures good air regulation, average humidity and temperature, and improved health, ensuring the effectiveness and productivity of your employees.

What to Expect from Indoor Air Quality Testing

When you call to test your indoor air, an air quality specialist will take air samples from different areas of your home or business place, and then send the samples to an accredited lab with the appropriate testing equipment. The indoor air testing duration will depend on the size of the space, and we’ll use professional equipment which will accurately measure the degree of pollutants in the air.

Some of the pollutants the specialist tests for are:

• Organic waste: Most of the organic waste comes from animal wastes and decaying leaves. If you have pollen, ragweed, and pets around your home, pollutants and toxic substances from organic waste might be at a high level in your home.

• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): VOCs are common pollutants because they can be found in numerous indoor products (like air fresheners, paints, plastics, beauty products, etc.) If you have these products around your home or you recently made use of them in your business place (repainting for example), your air quality might test for a high percentage of VOCs.

• Combustion gases: During cold days, there is more need to warm up the home and keep the doors closed, which means the combustion gases may be trapped indoors. More so, if you allow tobacco smoking in your business place, smoke can be trapped in your walls and furniture, leaving the room contaminated by smoke residue.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing Stockton

Who Should Do Indoor Air Quality Testing

Business Owners

Whether you are just moving to a new space for your business or you have spent a while in your current space, you need to test the indoor air quality for your business office or work space to ensure good air quality and comfort for your employees and customers.

Homeowners and Buyers

Before moving into a new home, you should have the indoor air quality tested to guarantee it is conducive for you and your family members. After renovations, the home may be polluted with VOCs and other pollutants. Test for the air quality to avoid moving into a polluted home.

In a home, contaminants tend to remain over time making the home uncomfortable, this is why you should test your indoor air quality.

Realtors, Property, and Building Managers

Giving the best to your prospective customers should be your priority. If you are selling a property, home, or building; have the indoor air quality tested before showing it to prospects to make sure the place is pollutant-free. Selling or renting only property with fresh indoor air quality will enhance your professional reputation.


It will be to your advantage if you test your indoor air quality; and the earlier you test it, the better. Indoor air quality testing does not stop there; after testing, you will receive the results and you will get recommendations for the next line of action. The next line of action will make sure your home or business place is free of pollutants and safe for occupation.

You should always be thinking of ways to improve your current indoor air quality and get rid of any pollutants the test reveals. Air quality testing is necessary and definitely worth the time and resources - if only for your respiratory system and health.

Keep in mind, in addition to Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Stockton and Modesto region, we also provide our services in the surrounding areas such as in Tracy, Livermore, Lodi, Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Manteca, Patterson, Galt and Oakley.

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