Indoor Air Quality Testing Concord

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Concord

Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Concord and Antioch Region

We spend most of our time indoors, about two-thirds of which is spent in our own homes. Our home is where we should be able to feel comfortable without having to worry about our health.

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The interior of homes is not always the absolute best quality that would be optimal for people. Most people do not even notice that they are in a room that could possibly be contaminated by a source of pollution. It is therefore of great importance and significance for every person to locate these sources of poor air quality and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Most Common Sources of Pollutants

Sources of pollutant emissions could not be more different. For example, the danger can come from furniture and building products, or it can enter the home through ventilation. The most common sources of pollutants include smoking tobacco, burning candles, or using lamps in which scented oils are poured.

Cooking can also expose you to a deterioration of air quality by using open gas flames. However, humans themselves also contribute to the deterioration of air quality simply by breathing and thus releasing carbon dioxide. Breathing also brings moisture into the air, as does showering, washing, or drying clothes in one's own room. In the worst case and under the worst conditions, this moisture can lead to mold growth.

Due to the reasons listed above, it’s essential to ventilate your rooms at regular intervals. Reduce the risk by testing indoor air quality. Regular testing for mold can reduce the risk of health impairment immensely. During testing, however, not only mold is examined, but also other potential sources of pollutants that could have negative effects.

You can also see our new Mold Clearance Testing page for more information.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Concord

Indoor Air Quality Testing Concord

However, infestation by mold in particular can be very costly - the worst-case scenario is after it has spread and permeates into larger areas. Thanks to preliminary examinations of black mold, or other toxic and non-toxic mold species, the danger can be quickly eliminated.

The preliminary examination can determine whether there really is a problem due to mold contamination. This can save a lot of money.

Why is Mold Infestation so Dangerous to Health?

A mold infestation can cause respiratory illnesses, as well as persistent headaches, colds and sleeping disorders. Burning eyes or a slight cough can also be indicative of mold or other contaminants.

Even the smallest concentrations of mold in the air can have a negative effect on the body. As a result, metabolic changes take place in the organism, which can lead to biochemical and immunological changes.

The risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases can increase by up to 75% if you are permanently in a room with a mold infestation. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible – they will be able to identify a mold allergy. This is tested by antibodies in the blood. If the health is already severely affected, an antimycotic agent can be prescribed, which is a medicine specifically for the treatment of fungal infections.

Can the Mold in my Home be Removed Permanently?

Once there is mold infestation in the home, it is not easy to remove it. That is why you should always carry out air quality tests to prevent mold from growing in the first place.

In the worst case, mold infestation may even require renovation work to be carried out in your home or business. In many cases, the wallpaper must be removed, which can be expensive.

Mold grows where there are moisture problems. The exceedingly small mold particles can spread very easily and, in the worst case, accumulate throughout the entire home.

Bedrooms can also often be infested because they are not heated but are still damp due to exhalations. This allows mold to spread more quickly. If you turn on the heating from time to time, or the air conditioning depending on the season, you can minimize this risk. The same applies to the bathroom, which can often remain damp due to the use of hot water. An extractor fan is strongly recommended especially if you can’t simply open a window for natural air flow.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Antioch

Indoor Air Quality Testing Antioch

Advantages of an Inspection Through Air Quality Testing

Who should have their air quality tested? And above all, when? Anyone who wants a safe home and wants to protect themselves from health problems and big costs. Having your air quality checked will ensure that you always feel safe in your home. Especially homeowners, home buyers, real estate agents, property managers, landlords, commercial property owners, tenants and property managers can benefit greatly from such testing. If you own or manage any kind of business, you should also be very aware of the dangers that poor air quality will have on your employees.

Our air quality checks are very quick, so you can call at any time if you think there may be an air quality issue. Not only is it done quickly, but time is also taken for the customer to find the possible source of the pollutant and to provide advice on how to eliminate it.

Willingness to Help is Our Top Priority.

The advantage is to have a safe home again, where you feel comfortable and don't have to be afraid of any health risks due to poor quality air in your home or business environment.
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We undertake Indoor Air Quality Testing or Mold Testing in the entire Concord region, and we can also provide testing in the following cities: Antioch, Richmond, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Martinez, Brentwood, Danville, El Cerrito, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, and Pinole.