Indoor Air Quality Testing in Torrance CA

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Torrance and the Greater Los Angeles Region

It's easy to think your indoor air quality is good and even livable when you don't experience any discomfort in your eyes and nose, however this is common with homes with bad indoor air. You may even think the relaxing and clean air of Torrance beach and its environs mean your indoor air quality is excellent, but you may be wrong.

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Many things, including smoking and mold spores, which you can't see, can negatively affect your indoor air quality, and the only way to determine if it's approaching a dangerous level is through indoor air quality testing, preferably done by a professional indoor air quality testing company. It'll surprise you that the simple things that make your livelihood easier also increase the presence of volatile organic compounds in your home and your workplace.

As well as Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Torrance area, we also provide services in the nearby cities of Redondo Beach, West Carson, Carson, Lomita, Lawndale, Alondra Park, Palos Verdes Estates, Hermosa Beach, Gardena, Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne and West Athens.

In this article, you'll understand what affects indoor air quality in Torrance and how to know if your indoor air is becoming dangerous for your health.

What's the Indoor Air Quality in Torrance Like?

The outdoor air in Torrance is measured as good by the US Environmental Protection Agency standards. However, that doesn't say anything about your indoor air quality, although if you live close to the beach, you can clean your indoor air regularly by allowing good ventilation. But what if you're some good distance away from the beach? What if your home is surrounded by parks or a bakery?

The indoor air quality of homes and offices in Torrance depends on the habits of those that live there and the items they regularly use. It's impossible to give a general opinion of indoor air quality in Torrance. However, you can know what affects your indoor air quality, and if you use them often, you can be sure they'll affect your health sooner or later.

What Affects Indoor Air Quality in Torrance?

The influencers of indoor air quality in Torrance are the same as in other parts of the world, only to a different degree. In the average Torrance home or offices will typically be cleaned daily, and about once in three to five years, some or all parts of the home may be repainted and remodeled. You may even find a regular marijuana smoker. All of these things affect your indoor air quality.

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Here are the major causes that affect the indoor air quality in Torrance homes and offices.


Molds grow in moist, humid, dark, and relatively hot areas. They thrive on plant matter and when the conditions are right, they reproduce quickly and spread, releasing spores into the air.

Mold is a serious influencer of indoor air quality, and it can spread quickly, although it may be restricted to certain places, such as homes where they grow indoor plants and commercial cannabis growers that do so indoors.

When you inhale mold spores, it exposes you to bacterial infections, and their effects can range from respiratory issues to immunity system compromises that are more deadly to kids or the elderly.


Smoke comes from different sources and that determines how many VOCs you can expect in smokes. Ordinarily, your gas cooker gives off minimal smoke. Boilers also give off smoke, but their exhaust is outside your home; however, leaks are possible.

The most common indoor smoke source is the burning of plant materials, cannabis specifically. If you have a marijuana smoker in your home, chances are you'll have a build-up of VOCs that your furniture absorbs and off-gasses after some time.

Also, if the nature of your work involves smoke, your work environment, and indoor air quality is affected by the smoke. Bakeries are common in Torrance, and some of them prefer the local kiln. Their indoor air quality may be affected by the smoke, depending on their fuel source.

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Disinfectants and Cleaners

Disinfectants and Cleaners are meant to help us clean our clothes and surfaces in our homes and offices. Although they do that, they also expose us to some volatile organic compounds. When you perceive the strong odor of bleach and surface cleaners, they're a result of the chemical compounds they contain. The volatile compounds escape into the atmosphere upon exposure and can remain there for some time.

Office Supply and Equipment

Some materials such as glue and adhesives, inks, and toners for your printers contain solvents that are required to improve the efficiency of your office’s productivity; however, they are also sources of volatile organic compounds that negatively affect the indoor area.

Paint and Paint Remover

When you remodel your home, you remove and add paint over some or all the walls, you use paint removers or varnish to improve the aesthetics of your home. While you do that, you introduce some volatile compounds into your home.

How to get Information on your Indoor Air Quality

Many people conclude that their indoor air quality is good based on how they feel the air they inhale. However, you can't accurately determine how many volatile organic compounds and mold spores you have in the atmosphere by consciously smelling your indoor air.

An accurate way to measure your indoor air quality is to employ the services of a professional indoor air quality testing company. They'll use specialized indoor air testing methods to determine the level of contamination in your indoor air. We are one of the most highly trusted indoor air quality testing companies available in the Torrance area.

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Why Should You Hire Us for your Indoor Air Quality Testing?

As one of the indoor air quality testing companies available in Torrance, we expect that you'll be unsure about which company to choose to test your indoor air quality. You'll be making the right decision to choose us because:

We Have Vast Experience

Being in the business for over 10 years, we have accrued more experience than most new companies. We also give other established companies concern because our experience is unmatched in the testing industry.

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Our Business Extends Beyond the Torrance Region

We operate outside the Torrance region. Our expertise is appreciated around California, and we’ll serve you well in your own city anywhere in either the San Francisco or Los Angles regions.

We are a full service Certified Environmental Testing business: in addition to Indoor Air Quality Testing, we also do VOC Testing and Mold Testing in most regions of California.

We are Trustworthy and Reliable

While most indoor air quality testing companies will deliver vastly exaggerated or even results that are inaccurate, we give you unbiased indoor air quality test results that are delivered by accredited labs. Our records and customers are many 5-star testaments to that.

Final Thoughts

Indoor air quality testing in Torrance is often overlooked due to the good outdoor air quality. However, paint, glue, adhesives, smoke, mold spores, and office supplies can adversely affect your indoor air quality at home and in your workplace. Reach out to us for accurate and unbiased indoor air quality testing and results.