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How clean is your air? With indoor air quality testing Los Angeles Country residents are finally learning the answer. People can't see air pollutants the way they can see other dangers.

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As a result, people don't often understand this danger until it's too late. Indoor air quality testing is changing that. It's giving people a place to start when they want to take charge of their health.

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Your Health Focus

Lots of Americans focus on their health. They eat healthy foods, exercise, and practice self-care. Even when people don't do these things, most people understand that they should. After all, Americans are taught from childhood how to take care of themselves. However, Americans don't focus nearly enough on their air quality. In fact, most hardly think about air quality at all. This fact is highly unfortunate, because air quality has a huge impact on human health.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles Indoor Air Quality Testing Lancaster

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Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors. Even the most outdoorsy people come inside at the end of the day. Since we spend so much time indoors, we're breathing indoor air almost constantly. The indoor air that we breathe is full of pollutants. Homes, schools, and office buildings all have polluted air trapped inside them.

Where Do These Pollutants Come From?

If American buildings are so polluted, then where exactly are all of these pollutants coming from? Well, they come from a few places. First, homes and buildings can trap natural pollutants. These pollutants often come from the outdoors, but they get trapped inside. During indoor air quality testing, Los Angeles County air experts have picked up pollen, dust, animal dander, and mold.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Lancaster

Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles County

Second, pollutants can also come from cleaning solutions. The chemicals that clean your surfaces can harm your air. Third, heating and cooking can also release pollutants into the air. Gas, coal, wood smoke, and other heat sources can linger in the air and cause breathing difficulties.

Finally, pollutants can come from plastics and other materials that get brought into homes and buildings. Shower curtains, certain types of makeup, and more can bring VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

Physical Health

Indoor air pollutants can take a toll on your physical health. Most notably, these pollutants can cause allergy symptoms, asthma symptoms, and other issues that impact the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Other physical health symptoms include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Certain cancers
  • Internal organ damage
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Indoor Air Quality Testing Lancaster

Cognitive Health

Indoor air pollution can also harm your brain's health. First, this pollution can impact the way that your brain produces dopamine. Dopamine is one of your brain's main "feel good" chemicals. Without the right amounts of dopamine, you can experience mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Second, air pollution can damage your brain's neuroplasticity - the ability to learn and develop new skills. Finally, air pollution can damage memory. These effects show up in both adults and children. Some studies have even shown lower test scores in children whose schools contain a lot of air pollution.

What You Can Do

Thankfully, you can take several actions that will make a big difference in your indoor air quality. For example, you can use organic cleaning solutions. You can also purchase air purifiers and make sure that your home or building has proper ventilation.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles County

One of the best things that you can do for your health is to get your indoor air tested for pollution. A qualified air specialist can tell you exactly what's in your air. This specialist can also offer advice. Make sure that you choose an unbiased air tester. Some air testing services also offer remediation services. However, these testers may try to sell you services that you don't need. Choose a service that only provides air testing. This way, you know that you're getting accurate information.

Indoor air pollution can take its toll on your life and health. However, when you take proactive steps, you can take more control over your health and wellness.

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