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Indoor Air Quality Testing Santa Clarita - 4 Health Benefits of Clean Indoor Air

Q: Can you smell that?
A: No
Q: How about now?
A: Yeah, what is that? It reminds me of...

Sound familiar?

If you and your family or co-workers are playing that old "guess that smell" game from time to time, then you should be asking yourself, what could be the source of that.

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There is a massive problem that we don't even notice - indoor air pollution.

More important is why is this happening in your home and how it affects you or your kid's health.

Who should get air quality testing?

I know what you are thinking. " Testing indoor air, HA...! I'll open a window or scrub that carpet, and everything will smell 'peachy.'

That could do the trick, but the problem could be somewhere else.

If you've lived in your home for a long time, if you've had plumbing leaks or your home tends to have high humidity levels, you should consider having your indoor air tested because pollutants build up over time and you're accustomed to it.

Interior Air Quality Testing Santa Clarita

Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Santa Clarita Region

What are the problems and what can this air check bring you?

1) Decreased Allergies and Asthma symptoms

No matter if you're a homeowner, home buyer or commercial property owner, contaminated indoor air can significantly aggravate the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Spores of the fungus from the air float until they find a suitable humid place where they reproduce. The most suitable sites for this are damp, dusty rooms, areas where fresh food is kept, air conditioners, garbage cans… to name just a few.

Test your home and get rid of the mold if you feel fatigued, respiratory dysfunction, headache, or if you feel nauseous...

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Indoor Air Quality Testing Santa Clarita

​2) Cleaner Lungs

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are present in all natural and synthetic materials and can exist not only as structurally-diverse liquids and solids but also as vapors and are thus a significant airborne consideration when monitoring exposure levels. Many studies suggest that being exposed to these chemicals increases your risk of developing a lung condition like asthma.

3) Odor Suppression

You don't have to live in a sanitary environment to make your home smell pleasant and toxin free. The key is to find a precise source of unpleasant odor and get rid of it. If you try to cover up the smell with another scent, you will only aggravate the thing and get a bad mix of fragrance. Instead, do an indoor air quality test and make sure that you don't just diminish the odor but entirely suppress the source of potential health problems.

And it's good to know... Leaky and old pipes could make your home smell odd too.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Santa Clarita

Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Santa Clarita Region

4) Reducing the Exposure to Formaldehyde in your Homes

Too much of new car smell like isn't right for you either. Formaldehyde exposure is linked to severe health issues like terminal illness and cancer.

It's used to make furniture, carpets, lotions, detergents, etc. Do your air quality testing and source this dangerous gas.

Get rid of it by having more indoor plants. House plants are like little superheroes when it comes to removing toxins from the air in your home.

​In the end...

It may seem that your home is free of mold, dangerous particles and other forms of pollution, especially as your home looks so clean.

But it isn't.

Don't believe me?

Of course, you could try to test it by yourself using some cheap kit you bought online. However, these kits are extremely unreliable, and you simply don’t have the background experience on how to ‘interpret’ the results you get. Instead you should definitely hire a professional for this service to get extremely reliable and trustworthy results.

Only then you can call your home clean and cozy and say goodbye to unhealthy air for good.

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