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Mold Clearance Testing in San Francisco

Mold is a problem that normally occurs in many homes and office environments. Mold can grow in moist and poorly ventilated areas and can cause health problems if not removed quickly.

However, after testing for mold and removing it, there's still a need for mold clearance testing to ensure that the mold is totally eliminated. That's where our mold clearance testing service comes in.

We provide Certified Mold Testing services in the San Francisco and the Bay Area as well as covering most other regions in California including Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Fremont, Stockton, Elk Grove, Roseville, Novato and Sunnyvale.

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We're happy to help you out with your Mold Clearance Testing needs, but we also do Indoor Air Quality Testing and VOC Testing in the California region.

We are a team of professionals with years of experience in performing clearance testing for mold in homes and areas where mold was previously removed. We understand the need of having a safe environment free from mold, which is why we do our job carefully.

Our mold clearance testing services are designed to help you ensure that your home or business environment is free from harmful mold spores.

Whether you are a homeowner or you have a business office in San Francisco, our mold clearance testing services can help you find out if there's still a presence of mold in your environment after doing mold remediation.

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What is a Mold Clearance Test?

A mold clearance test, also known as a post-remediation verification test, is a process used to check whether mold remediation has been effective in eradicating mold from an environment. The purpose of the clearance test is to confirm that there is no more presence of mold after the mold removal work has been completed.

A mold clearance test is usually performed by a third-party, independent agency, which conducts a visual inspection and surface plus air sampling of the indoor environment.

After receiving the mold clearance test results, the agency will prepare a report that shows the findings, indicating whether the environment passed or failed the clearance test. It's possible additional remediation might be needed to address any remaining mold problems if the test results show that there's still a presence of mold in the area.

Mold Clearance Testing Oakland, Mold Clearance Testing Elk Grove, 
Mold Clearance Testing Roseville, 
Mold Clearance Testing Novato, 
Mold Clearance Testing Sunnyvale,

Mold Clearance Testing San Francisco

Why You Should Do Mold Clearance Testing After Mold Remediation

Carrying out mold remediation is necessary because it removes mold from your home or business place, but it's not always enough because some particles of mold might still be left behind after the removal. A mold clearance test is a method you can use to ensure that the mold is completely eradicated.

Note: Ensure that the agency checks the building sections that weren't worked on during the mold remediation to see if they can find any moldy dust when performing mold clearance testing.

How to Know That a Mold Remediation Was Done Successfully

Here are a few things you should look out for to know whether a mold remediation was done successfully:

The Absence of Mold

The absence of mold is the most obvious sign which shows a mold remediation was done successfully. There should be no visible signs of mold or a musty odor in any environment where mold remediation was carried out.

Improved Air Quality

Mold can have a negative impact on indoor air quality and can also cause respiratory problems and other health issues. The air quality in an environment where mold remediation was done should improve after successful remediation. Any symptoms associated with mold exposure should not be found in anybody living in the environment.

Note: Even though you can ascertain whether a mold remediation was done successfully by yourself, it's important that you use the services of a mold clearance testing agency to ensure that you get an accurate and unbiased result.

How We Do Mold Clearance Testing in San Francisco

Mold clearance testing is a vital step in the mold removal process because it is a means through which you can confirm if the mold has been successfully removed. Here's how we do mold clearance testing in San Francisco:

Visual Inspection

When you contact us for mold clearance testing, we will conduct a visual inspection of the remediated area to ascertain whether the agency that did the job removed all visible mold. The mold remediation process will be repeated if we find out that there's still a presence of mold in the area.

Surface or Air Sampling

In addition to performing a visual inspection, we will also take surface or air samples to check if there's the presence of mold spores. We will take the air samples with a pump that draws in air through a spore trap. We take surface samples by wiping the surface with a sterile swab.

Lab Analysis

After collecting the samples, we will send them to the laboratory for analysis. Once the results are available, we'll review and compare them to the acceptable mold levels established by the government regulatory agencies.

The environment is considered safe, and the mold clearance is achieved if the mold levels are below the acceptable limit. However, if the mold levels are above the acceptable limit, the area may need further remediation.

Mold Clearance Testing San Francisco, 
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Mold Clearance Testing Sacramento

Clearance Report

Once we get the lab results, we will make a clearance report that shows the findings of the testing and inspection. The report will come with a certificate of clearance if the environment is deemed safe and free from mold.

Reasons Why You Should Contact Us to Do Your Mold Clearance Testing in San Francisco

We are mold clearance testing professionals and we're an agency that specializes in providing expert mold clearance testing services. When you contact us, we will send our technicians to get the samples and do the testing immediately, so we can provide you with the results as quickly as possible.

We Are Reliable

We are dedicated to delivering the best service to our clients. We have well-trained professionals that are equipped with the latest technology capable of detecting and identifying mold in any environment accurately.

We Deliver Unbiased Mold Clearance Testing Results

We are an independent party that provides accurate mold clearance results for all our clients. We don't take sides while doing our job because we know the importance of being neutral while doing post-remediation verification tests.

Our priority is your safety, and we always strive to achieve that by giving you unbiased mold clearance testing services.

Contact us right away to discuss with our mold clearance testing experts and receive the best service in the mold clearance testing industry.