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Studies reveal that most people spend from about 80 to 90 percent of their routine time indoors. In this scenario, the indoor air quality has a direct impact on our health and overall well-being. Although there are several factors that contribute to indoor air quality, here we are going to talk about one of the most active pollutants that is commonly known as mold.

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How Mold Affects Health

Mold is one of the most harmful components in the indoor air that can cause numbers of health issues. Some of the major troubles associated with mold include the production of irritants, allergens and many other toxic substances. Sensitive individuals may suffer serious allergic reactions when they come in contact with mold spores in the premises. The widely reported symptoms of such allergic reactions including skin rashes, red eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and fever as well. In some critical cases, mold can also cause an asthma attack while causing intolerable irritation in the throat, nose, skin, eyes, and lungs.

The most common places in the home where mold can attack include, laundry rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. They also target hidden areas and may cause huge damage in a very short time. Mold spoils air quality while leading to several serious disease symptoms; hence it's important to call professionals for mold testing. It can also help you determine the quality of indoor air so you can change to a healthier environment and enjoy a much higher level of clean indoor air.

Those who have observed some signs of mold in the surroundings are advised to make time to call a mold inspection service to test your home. The idea is to call mold testing service providers in the area and let them test the air to create a report that will give you clear stats about mold level and indoor air quality concentration.

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Why hire mold testing service providers?

Some of you might be confused about whether it’s a good idea to hire a mold testing service provider or not. Of course, there will be a moderate charge for this service, but there are so many benefits of calling these professionals to undertake an air quality test in your living spaces and work area. Below we have highlighted a few of them to help with your decision-making process:

Know mold levels in your house
Professional testing procedures provide you with accurate values of mold and other irritants in your residential or commercial property. After the mold inspection is completed, you will know whether the indoor air quality is good enough for healthy living or if you need some additional remedial procedures.

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Identify hidden issues
You never know which corner of your house might be affected by mold. The professional testing companies can provide you with completely accurate data about any areas of concern. For example, common areas that might have issues include your roof, basement, bathroom or kitchen. With testing, you can plan for some healthy renovations if any of these living areas need any work.

Tips for hiring a Mold Testing Specialist in Irvine

The main purpose of undertaking mold testing in the Irvine region is to find out the source of mold as well as determining its impact on air quality. You can conduct these tests at residential as well as commercial premises to ensure healthy living conditions for the people who spend time inside. However, many people get confused about how to hire the best mold testing service providers in Irvine. Below we have highlighted a few trusted tips to execute this task:

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Tip 1: Get recommendations
The very first option you can use is to ask your friends, family or colleagues for their best recommendations. They can refer you to the most qualified and well-trained expert for testing the mold levels in your home or business. You can also check online platforms to list out the most trusted mold testing service providers in the city.

Tip 2: Initiate the call
Once you are ready with the list, it’s time to explain your concerns and ask for details on their testing experience. Needless to say, they will need to visit your home to provide an adequate quotation. It is good to shortlist the one who provided detail-oriented inspection and is ready to provide a customized report from an accredited lab.

Tip 3: Enquire about their qualifications
While hiring a mold inspector, never forget to ensure that you work with a well-qualified and trained professional. You can enquire about their certifications, licensing, and other important credentials. At the same time, it is also important to verify how much experience they have had in this profession and if they have any reviews. They will help ensure that you find and hire a reliable business for your air quality testing needs.

Tip 4: Ask about their procedures
The experienced and reliable mold testing service providers in Irvine will have a specific list of tasks to execute, and they will be very precise about their routine. They’ll highlight the priorities more carefully when discussing the procedures they use. Make sure they have the right equipment to diagnose the issue and to confirm the findings; the list may include air pumps, infrared camera, hygrometer, flashlight, and moisture meters.

Tip 5: Adequate reporting
Ask your mold testing service provider about the type of report he will provide after executing all the tests. It should not be a verbal summary; rather, a well-designed report describing major issues about mold in your house. It goes without saying, this report must come from a lab that is accredited in the state of California. This report will later help you understand if you actually need to hire a mold remediation service provider.

This procedure will help you find the best mold testing service providers in the area. We advise you contact the professionals at A-1 Certified Environmental Services for your mold testing needs in the Irvine region. We naturally cover the Irvine region, but we also offer our services to those in the areas of Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Brea, Dana Point, Stanton, Laguna Hill, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Seal Beach, Orange County and the City of Orange. These professionals are dedicated to ensuring the most reliable and fastest mold testing solution to your residential or commercial property.

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After you book an appointment, and an experienced team will visit your premises at a time that's convenient to your own schedule. They will test for the presence of mold in the area by using advanced techniques and arrange to have a report sent to that will provide the results in the form of a well-organized document that you can use to hire a mold remediation service if needed. Some home insurance policies may cover mold claims if a "covered peril" is responsible for the mold. In such an instance the home insurance company is more likely pay for the required repairs and mold clean-up - this is all contingent on your own specific insurance policy.