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Mold Testing in Oxnard: All You Need to Know

What is mold?

Molds are small organisms, belonging to Kingdom Fungi. Molds grow by taking in ultraviolet rays from the sun. Also, they get their energy from the material they are growing on by digesting or eating it.

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Molds are very harmful as they pollute indoor air with toxic elements. It is not at all healthy to live with mold and breathe in toxic air.

Where do molds grow?

Molds grow in different places and on different materials, both indoor and outdoor.

Outdoors, they usually grow in places like soil, wood, dead animals, and decaying plants.

When it comes to indoor, molds usually grow in carpets, clothes, leather, walls, wood, insulation, paper, and other materials that are rich in moisture.

Moisture is an important requirement for mold to grow. It appears like fungus and slowly eats the material.

This means they can grow anywhere in your home or your workplace, resulting in bad air quality and growing allergies.

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What is the importance of mold testing?

There are different species and types of molds. Not all of them are toxic for your indoor air quality or harmful for the material they are growing on. What you need to know is whether the mold you have identified is actually toxic or not.

That’s where mold testing comes in!

Mold testing can tell you whether you are going to face the mold problem in your home/office or not.

Another important thing is that you cannot know about the presence of molds if they are growing inside the material.

Mold testing helps you in finding the hidden mold as well. It can identify the species of molds in your home and warn you about the need for remedies. Mold testing further assists in measuring your indoor air quality.

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Many people are allergic to molds and other allergens that inhibit walls, carpets, bedding, and closets over time. For them, it is really important to hire a professional for mold testing.

What are the types of mold testing?

Now, as molds come in different types, so does mold testing. The three significant types of mold testing are:

Air Testing

Air tests are done on the samples taken from your indoor air. They are later examined to check the presence and quantity of molds in your indoor air.

Surface Testing

If you suspect molds on the surfaces in your home, surface testing is a better option. The samples are collected by different methods from household surfaces for later examination.

This testing lets you find the amount of mold growth and spores hidden around your home.

Bulk Testing

Bulk testing is done on the material itself and not just the samples. Pieces of material are collected from the home/office and then taken to the lab for examination.

Through bulk testing, you get to know if mold is present on the materials and how much is the concentration of molds in your home/office.

When should you go for mold testing?

It is really important for people to go for mold testing from time to time, especially if they are prone to allergies. For others, however, you should go for mold testing when:

- You notice the signs and symptoms of molds around your home/office
- You can smell mold in the air or over a specific material
- You want to find where the mold is growing
- You want to test your indoor air quality
- You want to know if your space has been fully cleared of molds

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What are the main benefits of mold testing?

Molds are often “invisible to the naked eye” in most cases. They can travel through the air and settle on any material that will provide food and moisture for the mold. Every home/commercial area has the potential to give habitat to molds under different conditions.

As areas in-home/workplaces are usually warm and damp, mold spores are more likely to grow there. As you cannot see them, mold testing is important. Therefore, it comes with several benefits, as outlined below.

Control moisture in your home

Whether you have mold growing currently or not, there is always a risk. As this risk increases in areas that have more moisture such as pipe leaks in the walls, mold testing helps you with that. It can identify any leaks and other potential areas of moisture.

In this way, you cannot only control moisture but also save yourself from costly damage. 

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Stop the mold from spreading

Without having an idea about the concentration of molds and the number of spores in your indoor air, you won’t know what preventive measures to take. Mold testing ensures that the molds are revealed in time to take action to stop them from eventually spreading.

Prevent health problems

Mold spores are equally harmful to everyone, from kids to adults. They can lead to some health problems such as respiratory problems such as asthma and other chronic issues.

Even though the initial symptoms are minor like cough, sneezing, headache, and flu, you must not ignore them. They can turn into major health problems mentioned above. Therefore, mold testing offers you a helping hand in preventing health problems through regular inspections.

Increase your property value

If mold is identified in your home/office, the value of your property drops significantly. Mold testing helps you retain and increase your property value. If you are going to sell your property, make sure you run a mold test through an experienced professional.

Even if the mold is found, you can have it removed immediately. If it is not found, you can earn some extra dollars as you will be able to claim a mold-free property.

Steer clear of lawsuits

If you are running a full-fledged business and have a number of employees working at your office, you need to ensure their safety. Mold testing helps you in providing topnotch air quality to your employees and clients. As a result, you are more likely to steer clear of potential lawsuits.

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