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Like many of the other major areas of California, Sacramento is not without mold issues.

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You might be increasingly worried about the mold growing in your home. Oh, they are invisible. So how did you get the idea? You may have noticed some symptoms of mold growing in your homes, such as a musty smell, increased moisture, breathing problems, allergies, or others.

No matter what the symptom is, your main concern is mold testing in your property, and so is ours. We provide professional mold testing services in Sacramento if you are ever experiencing any of the symptoms above.
However, before we dive into that, let's see what mold itself is, what causes mold, and where are the most chances of growing and spreading mold.

What is Mold?

Mold is a kind of fungus that consists of billions of small organisms known as spores. Mold differs in color and types. They can be black, white, green, blue, or purple. Mold likes to live on moisture, and that's exactly where it spreads through excess spore growth.

Spores are tiny and lightweight. They travel through the air. Outdoors, mold usually lives on plants and trees. Moreover, they have some good roles to perform, as well. They are an important part of nature as they help in the breakdown of dead leaves, plants, and trees.

But they are not good at all when they increase in amount and become dangerous for human health. We encounter spores everyday outside and indoors. It’s a matter of concern only when you observe unusual mold growth that can lead to harmful diseases and other problems.

What are the Major Causes of Mold?

So, what actually causes mold? The causes explained below act as symptoms for mold testing as well. If you observe any of these things in your home or office, you must consider mold testing.

Here are the significant causes of mold:

1. Humidity

If the weather has been humid for some days, you can notice mold growing in your home. Humidity provides the correct environment for mold growth. Mold spores increase and spread when they find a lot of humidity.

It would not be wrong to say that humidity feeds mold spores. Humidity means wet air. When the air is moist for several days, there is a good chance of increasing mold.

If the weather is humid and it has been raining for days in a row, then the problem of mold growth can happen.
How does humidity get indoor? When the moisture evaporates in your house or office, it accumulates in the air and results in the humid air.

Mold Testing Stockton

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For instance, we often dry our clothes inside the home when it's raining outside. It can result in indoor humidity problem and can lead to a rapidly growing mold. Even if you use humidifier after that, you need to know that some particular types of mold need only 55 percent humidity level to grow.

So, if you use a humidifier, keep your humidity level lower than 55 percent.

2. Leaking Pipes

Water leaking from pipes inside, outside or within the walls can result in wet walls and humid air. Most of the times, pipe leaks go unnoticed, and they can cause the most damage as a result. As they are hidden and are out of view, you need to get the right equipment to detect excessive moisture.

Otherwise, it might be too late when you find out about pipe leaks, and the mold can already have started growing.

3. Roof Leaks

If you have a roof that leaks into the attic, it can also lead to mold growth. The worst part is that you might not notice it until the mold has started spreading.

In this case, regular mold testing helps greatly. You will not only remediate the mold growth but can also do something about your leaking roof.

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4. Condensation

Condensation is another problem that causes mold. Most of the condensation is observed in cold weather and gives room for mold growth even though mold does not grow as much in winter.

When we use heaters indoor as well as on a piano, water droplets collect on different surfaces such as metal pipes, windows, concrete floors as well as on carpet and walls. And so, these surfaces can act as prime spots for the spread of mold spores.

5. Poor Ventilation

If your home or office is poorly ventilated, it retains moist air inside your home in which mold thrives. When steam and water evaporate in the indoor air, it needs to move outdoor to keep moisture level balanced. For that, it needs proper ventilation.

With poor ventilation, the wet surface dries out slowly. It is especially important to have enough ventilation in moist areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Where is mold most likely to grow?

Mold is most likely to grow in your home or office where it is moist or where there is a lot of steam. The three most common areas include your bathroom, kitchen, and basement.

Mold in the Bathroom

It is very common to observe mold growth in the bathroom. And that is the main reason why most professionals start mold testing from bathrooms in your home or office. The reason is obvious. A lot of water!

As the water frequently runs in basin, bathtub, and shower, the surface is almost always wet. If you don't dry out the wet places in the bathroom quickly, it easily leads to mold growth.

Mold in Kitchen

The kitchen is another significant place to test for mold. The reason is same, moisture! Also, the steam from your kettles and cooking food accumulates in the air and turns into moisture. When not dried or ventilated out, mold results. 

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Mold in the Basement

The basement usually becomes a victim of mold growth. Many reasons such as no sunlight, more humidity, no ventilation, and improper water drying methods, can result in mold growth in basements.

Final Thoughts

If you observe mold growth in any of the three places in your home or office, we are here to provide our mold testing services in Sacramento. We care for your home and want to keep a healthy environment for your family!