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The Difference Between Mold Testing and Mold Clearance Testing - All You Need to Know About Mold Testing in Santa Clarita

When you have a mold issue, you may need one or both of two kinds of tests: mold testing and mold clearance testing. What are the differences?

Mold Testing helps you identify the mold type, amount, and source in your indoor space. It basically helps you to decide if you need to remove the mold or not.

Mold Clearance Testing checks if the mold removal was effective and if the mold levels are safe. It helps you make sure that the mold issue was completely resolved and that the air quality is good.

Both tests are important to keep your home or office healthy and comfortable. If you need expert mold testing or mold clearance testing, contact us now. We can handle any mold testing situation professionally.

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As you know, air is one of the most important elements for all living beings. But do you know it is not as light as it appears? In actual fact, the air is pushing your skin with an estimated pressure of 15 pounds per square inch every moment. Although you can't feel it, your lungs can; especially when that air is loaded with a variety of toxins.

Many people believe that air pollution is just an outdoor threat; the terrible fact is that there are all kinds of contaminants in indoor air as well.

Usually the factors contributing to indoor air pollution vary from building to building and region to region. The most commonly measured source of poor air quality in residential and commercial buildings is mold.

We are a full service Certified Environmental Testing business: in addition to Mold Testing, we also do Indoor Air Quality Testing and even Bacteria and E.coli Testing in most regions of California.

What is mold, and how does it affect us?

Fungi is a potential indoor air pollutant that grows in humid and warm conditions; outbreaks can be commonly observed in bathrooms and basements. But if your house is more affected by moisture, it can spread more quickly to the entire building. The health impacts of mold may vary depending upon the immunity level of individuals; generally, the symptoms include skin irritation, wheezing, and nasal stuffiness. A few medical health studies on indoor mold exposure are also linked to asthma development in children.

When we already know that mold is the prime cause behind a number of health problems in humans; especially those who spend more time indoors; it's a good idea to call professionals for mold testing in the Santa Clarita region. They make use of standard methods to test for mold or more precisely, the indoor air quality in commercial and residential buildings. It is important to note that, mold is an indoor air contaminant among a long list of factors contributing to this poor health condition.

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Benefits of mold testing in your residential or commercial building:

It is high time to understand that mold is a serious issue as it can cause potential damage to the structure of the building as well as to the health of people living inside. If you see mold in your living area or workplace, we advise you to consult a certified mold testing professional in Santa Clarita. We have the right tools to investigate mold damage in your premises by following these trusted and reliable techniques.

Here are the potential benefits of conducting professional mold testing in your living space:

- Identify problematic areas in the building:

Experts will tell you that it's not possible to identify all types of mold with the naked eye; some threats are visible only with professional tools. If mold is present in your home, it means that your belongings are no longer safe. This potential contaminant can damage the entire house or office in a very short time. Mold spreads into walls and other parts of the structure; with time, it depreciates the value of your property. Professional mold testing can help you prevent threats to the structure and to the health of people living in the premises.

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- Save money by avoiding major damage:

Mold testing professionals can examine the entire area to identify the presence of mold so that you can take preventive steps as soon as possible. Once you know about the presence of mold in your premises, you can call a mold remediation company to control the infestation as quickly as possible. It is the best way to avoid major damage to your home or office. You will be happy to hear that they provide a complete analysis of the type of mold in your premises as well as its amount and location. With this, it becomes easier to find the best methods for remediation.

- Provide support for home insurance claims:

Some home insurance policies may include support for mold remediation. For example, there home insurance policies that will cover mold claims if a "covered peril" is responsible for the mold. In such an instance the home insurance company is more likely pay for the required repairs and mold clean-up. Some typical examples might be accidental leaks or overflow of water from plumbing or the damage caused by frozen pipes. You cannot claim money until you have some solid proof against hidden mold in your premises. The mold testing team can help you to report the current condition of your house with the right evidence. With this report, it becomes easier to claim for your insurance policy if you have that kind of coverage. You can later call mold remediation providers to fix the issues.

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Professionals have the right tools to complete the testing work correctly. You can trust the reports presented by these experts after the inspection.

Those who are hiring mold testing and air quality testing service providers for the first time might be a little worried about how to choose to best candidate. It's important to hire a specialist and experienced team for executing such tasks. Mold has a direct relation to the health of members living in a residential or commercial building. These issues must be addressed very carefully.

How to hire professionals for mold testing for your commercial or residential building.

Experts advise looking for a licensed professional as they follow reliable and trusted procedures to test for the presence of mildew, fungus, and mold. For those living in the Santa Clarita area, we advise you to book an appointment with the professionals at A-1 Certified Environmental Services. We will schedule the visit to your premises with all the essential equipment and provide a report about the presence of any potential dangers. We not only take care of the Santa Clarita region, we also offer our services to those in the areas of Lancaster, Palmdale, Redondo Beach, Gardena, Rosemead, Azusa, Bell Gardens, Cerritos, Covina, Glendora and Los Angeles County.

You can also call these experts for indoor air quality testing. They can let you know if you are living in a healthy environment and help prevent any impact on the health of yourself and your family. Such tests are equally important for residential and commercial buildings.

Studies reveal that an average person spends more than 80 to 90 percent of their time indoors. Hence, they are highly affected by the quality of their indoor air and the presence of mold. The licensed mold testing professional will suggest preventive measures to get rid of such hazardous conditions. They not only undertake the mold testing: they provide a full visual assessment for the presence of mold and estimate your level of contamination.

It is the best way to address the issues related to structural integrity and major health problems. It's highly recommended you look for accredited mold inspectors that can evaluate your property thoroughly and professionally.

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