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Odor Removal and Odor Remediation in the San Francisco Region

At A-1 Certified Environmental Services, we are experts at odor identification and removal. We will help identify the source of the offensive odor and use our state-of-the-art equipment to remove the persistent smell.

Our professional staff have the best training and equipment to detect and eliminate these odors. By identifying the root cause of the odor and defining the conditions in which it started, the odor can often be eliminated over time without a trace. It’s extremely important to completely eliminate these odors rather than simply attempting to disguise them with a more pleasant scent.

We provide Odor Removal services in the San Francisco and Los Angeles regions as well as covering most other areas in California including San Jose, Long Beach, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield and Anaheim.

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We're a full service Certified Environmental Testing business: in addition to Odor Removal, we also do Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Testing in most regions of California.

The human senses are complex, and often relate to our memories in ways we never thought possible. When you recall your childhood home, it might bring back the sight of sunlight breaking through your living room curtains on a calm afternoon. When you recall your classroom, your brain replays the sounds of your classmates running and laughing. As for your grandmother’s home, it may bring back the warm smell of cookies. The sense of smell is truly one of the most incredible aspects of our five senses and you would never want to sacrifice such memories.

However, what can you do if your home has a strong musty odor? You might even feel somewhat embarrassed if you have friends or family over for a visit.

Forget Bad Odor Forever: We Offer Odor Removal Services in the San Francisco Region

Your home can shelter a lot odor due to daily routines ranging from cooking, storage, and renovation activities. Some might carry delicious aromas while others…. not so much. However, there are always solutions for unwanted odor removal. Never settle for bad odor in your home again! Keep reading to find out more about odor removal in the San Francisco area and see how our odor reduction service works.

How does an “Odor Removal” service work?

You may have heard the term “odor removal service” at some point and wondered what makes it different that using one of the various over-the-counter cleaning products to clean up the traditional way in an attempt to get rid of unpleasant lingering smells.

Typical over-the-counter cleaning products and techniques that target bad indoor odors rely on masking. The product comes with a wonderful and powerful smell and claims to spread this aroma over the house. Which it does: but only temporarily, and after that, the real underlying bad odor returns and haunts you till you actually change your approach. The issue with masking the odor is that it neglects the cause, the smell lingers and keeps you in a cycle of repeated product purchase and usage.

However, odor removal services work at a different level. Instead of masking the odor, it relies on identifying the root cause, selecting the most suitable technique to handle the cause, and eliminating it once and for all.

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Odor Removal San Francisco

We are now using the latest and most effective Hydroxyl generators which are the most effective odor removal tools used by restoration professionals. Previously, contractors used equipment like ozone generators, but safety concerns and damage to property have encouraged many professionals to look for safer and more effective odor removal treatments. Nowadays, Hydroxyl generators have been used in thousands of situations to remove a wide range of smells and odors.

A short-list of some of these odors include those produced by:

  • Fire Damage
  • Almost all VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Smoke Odors
  • Second-hand or Third-hand Cigarette Smoke
  • Water Damage / Flooding
  • Mold Situations
  • Musty Odors (possibly due to mold formation)
  • Pet Odors
  • Chemical Odors
  • Mildew or Fungus Smells
  • Bacterial Odor
  • Sewer / Sewage Backup
  • Decaying Animals (in the loft, under floorboards or behind walls)
  • Formaldehyde Smells
  • Fuel Spills
  • Chemical Spills
  • Trauma Scenes
  • Carpet Odors
  • Skunk Smell

We take care of the many other situations where odor removal is a critical part of the restoration and remediation process. Our experienced renovation team has years of experience responding to residential and commercial property damage, whether it be fire, smoke, mold, or water damage. We will respond promptly to any emergency situation you find yourself in. Don’t worry: our team will be able to assess your situation and successfully manage all phases of the deodorization process.

Common areas that where you may have issues with strong smells are:

  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Pet Zone
  • Storage Area
  • Attic (especially if there have been any undetected leaks)
  • Air Ducts
  • Kitchen

You should ensure your environment stays safe and healthy which is why we especially recommend VOC testing. If VOC's prove to be an issue in your home or commercial space, we definitely recommend you have the odor removed as soon as possible.

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VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are a kind of chemical that gets circulated in the air through burning fuel, evaporating chemicals and can become dangerous when they take the form of a gas or vapor. They can be toxic to inhale, and long-term contact can cause considerable health concerns if not identified and remediated. A few common causes of VOCs include:

Gas stoves, candles, or grills
Cleaning products that contain vinegar, alcohol, or acetone
Manufactured furniture and laminate floors
Paints, glues, plastics, and resins

There are a number of other sources of VOCs in your home that you should watch out for to lower your risk. Because there are so many sources of VOCs used every day in the home, it's also important to undertake testing to ensure your household isn't negatively affected by VOC’s.

Our Hydroxyl (OH) generators are used to reduce odors and break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments. Hydroxyls are known to react with as many as 5,000 different chemicals and compounds and remove a very wide variety of odors and VOCs. They remove almost all harmful toxins, chemicals, bacteria, and mold from indoor environments leaving the air fresh and odorless.

Our Hydroxyl equipment can be used to solve almost all indoor odor related problems. Our systems use modern day ‘green’ technology to deliver the most efficient and economical solution to reduce odors, decontaminate surfaces and purify the air. We will cover all your needs from residential and commercial all the way to industrial applications.

Hydroxyls are completely safe, naturally occurring molecules. In nature, they are produced when the ultraviolet rays of the sun react with water vapor from the air. This is a process that continually occurs in our atmosphere. Our system uses technologies that exploit multiple UV light wavelength ranges which combine with air humidity to create Hydroxyls. Once the hydroxyls are created, they destroy all the odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, mold, VOCs, and other chemicals. Hydroxyls are completely safe to breathe and will not damage or compromise any materials. They are eco-friendly and remarkably effective for a broad range of purposes especially for fire and flood remediation.

We also Offer Air Scrubbers to Filter Out Odor Particles

Getting rid of bad smells in the air requires attacking odor particles on multiple fronts. While hydroxyl molecules chemically neutralize odors at the molecular level, air scrubbers physically capture and remove stinky airborne bits.

Powerful air scrubbing machines actively ventilate rooms by pulling air through multi-layer filters. This process traps all kinds of stuff floating around that make up smells - dust, pet hair, chemicals, tiny mold spores, you name it. Air scrubbers use different types of filters to catch different kinds of particles:

- Pre-filters grab large pieces of dust and fuzz. Got a shedding dog? This helps.
- Activated carbon filters absorb bad smelling gases and chemicals. These help capture that general funk in the air.
- HEPA filters catch microscopic particles down to 0.3 microns small. This filters out tiny mold spores and other ultra-fine particles that slip past other filters.
- UV lights blast biological particles like mold and bacteria. This kills them so they don't keep creating bad odors.

Chaining together these filters let air scrubbers catch smelly stuff in the air before it has a chance to float around again. At the same time, forceful air circulation gets into all the nooks and crannies that trap bad smells and pulls them out. The strong suction prevents odors from escaping to other areas.

We'll strategically place commercial-grade air scrubbers around affected areas based on the unique layout. Running them 24/7 actively flushes out and replaces stinky air. This pairs perfectly with hydroxyl generation for a one-two punch against any lingering odors.

Odor Removal in San Francisco

Odor removal services represent trained professionals who work methodologically to help you de-odorized your home safely, efficiently, and with less clutter than ever before. Thanks to modern equipment, a certified odor removal service can identify the root causes of bad odor in you house and eliminate it rather than merely disguising it.

San Francisco Odor Removal Services

When using our odor removal service, you have an option to test for dangerous and toxic gases, like VOCs, get help identifying other root causes for bad odor, and rent the equipment needed for complete and effective odor removal.

Without doubt, the most successful equipment used in odor removal processes are Hydroxyl Generators. What are hydroxyl generators and how do they work?

As you may recall from high school chemistry class, a hydroxyl group is a quite common oxidant, reactive to a lot of compounds, and is referred to as -OH. The main principle of hydroxyl generators is that these free radicals attack both organic and inorganic compounds and dismantle their structure. This breaking down of toxic and odorous compounds resembles a process that takes place regularly in nature.

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Hydroxyl generators can react and break down literally thousands of compounds, they use ultraviolet light and can function with as little as 5% humidity, and usually don’t require vacating your home or business properties for the process to take place.

If you’re curious to know more about the rent-able equipment, Click to check this specs sheet on our Odorox HG Boss XL3 hydroxyl generators.

What are “VOCs” and why are they dangerous?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. Going back to that chemistry class again, you’ll recall both the terms “volatile” and “organic” and you may get a sense of why they can cause particularly strong smells. Volatility in any compound means it poses a strong ability to stimulate scents as they evaporate and linger in the form of a gas or vapor… when it’s all lemons and jasmine, that’s great! But when the volatile compound is fuel or paint, that is when the trouble begins.

Don’t hesitate to contact our odor removal service at 888-217-2719.

Not only is the scent of many organic compounds unpleasant, but it can be quite a health hazard. Some VOCs can be found in cleaning products, construction materials, or even regular household items like wood polish, floor laminating products, adhesives, resins, paint, acetone, formaldehyde, gasoline, office printers and copiers. 

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Why opt for Odor Removal Services?

When you opt for our odor removal services, you’re ensuring that the indoor environment of your home or office building stays safe with fresh clean air. Areas that may be most affected by VOCs and persistent odors are usually basements, garages, pet care zones, attics, air ducts, kitchens, and bathrooms.

While any strong, offensive odor is enough to get your home checked, there are some distinct situations that require odor removal, including: trauma scenes, fire damage, water damage, gas leaks, mold (specially in unventilated spaces), sewage backup, and chemical spills.

Now that you know that some indoor odors require a much more thorough approach than regular spring cleaning and over-the-counter products, you might be motivated to have your home or office building checked for dangerous VOCs and persistent odors.

It should be noted we are solely renting out this equipment for your use. If you’d like more detailed information, you can refer to the public datasheet that will provide you with all the specifics regarding the equipment. Here is the direct link to this information.


Any kind of strong odor can cause extreme discomfort. Even if you are not sure of what's causing the smell don't hesitate to contact us at: 888-217-2719. We will be happy to visit your home or office building to investigate the cause of the problem. 

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