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The Difference Between Mold Testing and Mold Clearance Testing in Orange County

Call to make an appointment at: 888-217-2719. What is the Difference Between Mold Testing and Mold Clearance Testing? Understanding the Importance of Mold Testing and Mold Clearance Testing, for Your Health and Safety. Mold is an issue that many homes and buildings face in environments with high humidity or dampness. It can lead to health problems, including allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, skin rashes and toxic reactions.

Mold Clearance Testing in Santa Ana and Anaheim

Call: 888-217-2719 to Contact A-1 Certified Environmental Services for Mold Clearance Testing. Mold is a problem that often arises in homes and office settings. Mold thrives in moist, poorly ventilated places and can lead to health issues if not removed promptly. After testing for mold and removing it, further mold clearance testing is necessary to confirm its complete elimination. That’s where our mold clearance testing service comes into play.