VOC and Indoor Air Quality Testing Ventura County

Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing in Ventura County - What You Need to Know

Generally, we think of air pollution as an outdoor problem, but it can actually be worse indoors. If you’ve been dealing with headaches, sinus problems, or trouble breathing, it could be time to start air quality testing on your home.

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In addition to indoor air quality and VOC testing in Ventura County, we also cover all the major cities in the region, including Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Camarillo, Moon Park, Port Hueneme, Oak Park, El Rio, Ojai and Santa Paula.

Depending on which part of California you live in, the causes of indoor air pollution will vary. Contaminated air can leak into your home or office from the outside, but it can also be contaminated from things inside the building, such as construction materials, beauty and cleaning products, pet dander or of course, mold.

We are a full-service Certified Environmental Testing business: in addition to Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing we also do Mold Testing and other air quality tests in most regions of California.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Ventura County - Causes of Indoor Air Pollution.

If your house has poor ventilation, contaminated air can accumulate to dangerous levels. This is why it’s so important to get in touch with a certified indoor air quality expert for home testing.

If you're looking for Indoor Air Quality Testing, here are some of the most common causes of indoor air pollution.

1. VOC's

Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOC's, are in the products we use in our homes and offices. Things like paint, glue, hairspray, printer ink, even our shower curtains can give off these volatile compounds. The vapors from these products can cause headaches and nausea. This is often called ‘sick building syndrome’, and if you’re noticing these symptoms at work, it’s a good indication your building needs to have commercial indoor air quality testing done.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Simi Valley, Indoor Air Quality Testing Oxnard, Indoor Air Quality Testing Camarillo,

Indoor Air Quality Testing Ventura County

Another common VOC found in California is pesticide. If you’ve ever sprayed for bugs in your home, those pesticides are typically toxic. And even if you choose to use a non-chemical form of pesticide, if the toxic version has ever been used in your home previously, it tends to stick around. It can linger in the carpets and walls. If you use chemical pesticides outdoors, they can be easily tracked in on your families’ shoes.

2. Household Gases and Combustion

Stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, space heaters and even tobacco smoke are widespread forms of pollution in our homes. Combustion releases carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide into the air. These can cause everything from headaches to shortness of breath and even death.

3. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew pop up quite a bit in homes and offices around the LA region. Warm, humid conditions encourage mold and mildew growth. You’ll typically notice outbreaks in humid areas like bathrooms and basements. If you’ve had any type of leaking or flooding, the mold can grow and spread quickly under carpets, beneath baseboards, even behind appliances. If you notice you have sinus congestion or trouble breathing, it’s a good idea to check for a mold outbreak. In fact, mold has even been tied to the development of childhood asthma.

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4. Pet Dander and Rodent Droppings

If you have pets, you’re probably plagued by pet hair and dirt. The dander pets create, and the dirt they track in, can accumulate in your HVAC system and pollute the air. Additionally, bugs and rodents leave bacteria and droppings behind which over time will pollute your indoor air. These can trigger allergic reactions, with symptoms growing worse over time.

Whether you're in a commercial building or a home, if you're having frequent, unexplained headaches, trouble breathing, or frequent sinus congestion, it may be a good idea to test the quality of your indoor air. Indoor air quality testing for commercial buildings and homes is a simple, affordable process that can save lives and ease your mind.

We provide the best and fastest indoor air quality and mold testing services in California.

Research shows people spend 90% of their lives indoors. In these sealed confines - homes, schools, hospitals, offices, warehouses, plants, showrooms, in any enclosed area, everyone breathes in polluted air. Scientific evidence increasingly points to this startling fact: pollution inside of homes can be much worse than pollution in the largest, most industrialized cities.

Housing throughout the United States contains mold, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds. People exposed to these pollutants could suffer catastrophic health problems.

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Commercial buildings can be particularly problematic when it comes to air quality, therefore Indoor Air Quality Testing for Commercial Buildings is also necessary.

Manufacturing chemicals, air fresheners, and cleaning products are everywhere in commercial buildings. Between the typical allergens and the more location-specific ones (like large amounts of printer toner in offices), people can experience the same short-term and long-term health problems.

Understanding VOC Testing - Essential Information

The chemicals known as compounds (VOCs) have the ability to easily evaporate into the air from various sources, like paints, solvents, cleaners, pesticides and building materials. It’s important to conduct tests for VOCs in indoor environments to ensure that the air quality is good and human health is protected. These compounds can lead to health issues such as headaches, nausea, irritation of the eyes, nose and throat or even cancer.

VOC Testing Simi Valley, VOC Testing Oxnard, VOC Testing Camarillo,

VOC Testing Ventura County

There are methods for VOC testing that can be applied based on the purpose and scope of analysis. Here are some common approaches.

Employing sorbent tubes or devices designed for capturing air samples which are then sent to a laboratory for analysis using gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC MS). This particular approach enables identification and quantification of VOCs but it tends to be time consuming compared to using a photo-ionizing detector (PID) meter, but is much more accurate. This technique can also identify and quantify hundreds of individual VOCs.

Opting for summa canisters along with regulators, for collecting air samples which are then sent off to a laboratory. EPA method TO-15 is used for analyzing these samples.

By using these methods, it’s possible to carry out VOC testing while certifying accurate results in order to protect our health and maintain optimal air quality. Different methods can be used to detect and measure organic compounds (VOCs) but some techniques require specialized equipment and trained personnel instead of using sorbent tubes.

The choice of VOC testing method depends on several factors, including the source type, level of exposure, health concerns, regulatory requirements and available budget. Conducting VOC testing helps identify the sources of these compounds assess the effectiveness of mitigation measures, adhere to standards and support legal and medical claims.

VOC testing plays a role in ensuring air quality and safeguarding health against harmful chemicals. By understanding which VOCs are present in your environment. You will then be able to minimize exposure and enhance your well-being and prevent future health issues.

Testing that leads to the elimination of pollution sources in commercial buildings can mean the difference between a vital, high-performing workforce, and a chronically ill, unproductive one.

Keep in mind, as well as indoor air quality and VOC testing in Ventura County, we also all our services in the major cities in the area, including Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Camarillo, Moon Park, Port Hueneme, Oak Park, El Rio, Ojai and Santa Paula.

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