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VOCs and Their Effect on Indoor Air Quality

In California, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a significant contribution to poor indoor air quality and their origins are from a wide variety of causes. These airborne chemicals easily evaporate at room temperature, allowing them to circulate freely through enclosed environments like offices. Exposure to VOCs has been associated with headaches, fatigue, cognitive issues and increased cancer risk. Identifying and controlling VOC levels is key for providing healthy, comfortable office spaces. A-1 Certified Environmental Services offers comprehensive VOC testing based on certified lab results and on-site observations.

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We offer Certified VOC Testing for Office Buildings in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Long Beach, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield and Anaheim. We also provide many other air testing services such as indoor air quality testing and mold testing.

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The Most Common VOC Contaminants in Office Environments

Indoor VOC levels frequently run 2-5x higher than outdoors due to contaminant off-gassing within structures. Paints, carpets, laminates and adhesives used in construction finishing contain solvents and chemicals that slowly diffuse over time. The most abundant VOCs in aging buildings are toluene, xylene, 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene and α-pinene from these sources. Office equipment, electronics and cleaning products also contribute VOCs like ethylene glycol and formaldehyde. Even small water leaks foster mold releasing spores and microbial VOCs. With so many variables across office spaces, testing is vital for identifying predominant contaminants.

Potential Health Effects of VOC Exposure

Depending on chemical compositions and exposure levels, VOCs can irritate eye and throat membranes, damage lung tissue, exacerbate allergies and worsen asthma symptoms. Neurotoxic VOCs affect cognition, coordination and equilibrium control. Carcinogens like benzene and methylene chloride found in some cleaning agents raise cancer likelihood with sustained contact. Sensitive individuals notice effects sooner, but all employees experience cumulative harm as contaminants accumulate if air quality goes unchecked over months and years. Our preventive testing and control measures are essential long before problems emerge.

VOC Off-Gassing from Building Materials and Furnishings

The “new office smell” comes partially from VOC off-gassing as volatile chemicals leach from freshly installed carpets, partitions, paint and wood. Yet even after years or decades, these materials continue diffusing compounds as they break down slowly. Office furnishings like desks, filing cabinets and modular walls made with compressed sawdust, glues and resins also outgas. As temperatures rise, surface contamination increases and available surface area grows from aging and wear, VOC emission rates climb too. Regular testing helps flag rising VOC outputs before they impact health.

Identifying Contamination Hotspots with Testing

While HVAC systems circulate air fairly uniformly within offices, localized VOC hot spots still occur. Common examples include server rooms with off-gassing electronics, kitchen and breakroom areas, copy rooms with chemical cleaners and solvents, and bathrooms with microbial VOCs from mold growth. Building exteriors can also draw outdoor pollution inside.

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A-1 Certified Environmental Services take exhaustive air samples to construct detailed outlines highlighting these kinds of contamination zones. This allows precision targeting of air quality improvements.

Interpreting Your Customized VOC Test Report

The VOC test report delivered by A-1 Certified Environmental Services details overall TVOC levels plus breakdowns of the most abundant chemical species found. Results get compared to recommended exposure limits and regulatory standards for safe working conditions. We can help highlight locations exceeding thresholds based on health impacts and odor detection. Our indoor air quality experts translate findings into prioritized recommendations customized to your office’s layout, existing environmental controls and usage patterns. We would recommend annual testing which would provide comparison to previous levels to evaluate air quality changes.

Complying with California’s Air Quality Regulations

California workplaces must comply with Cal/OSHA indoor air quality regulations including control of VOC contributions to illness and odor. Allowable TVOC limits depend on the types of VOCs present and range from 0.5 - 3.0 mg per cubic meter averaged over an 8-hour workday. Businesses that purposefully use VOCs like printers must implement exposure monitoring and control systems or provide personal protective equipment. We partner with organizations to ensure they meet evolving compliance demands through exhaustive contaminant identification via testing.

Controlling VOCs Through Increased Ventilation

The best control strategy after identifying major VOC sources is boosting localized ventilation. We optionally offer industrial-grade air movers - Hydroxyl Generators and Air Scrubbers for rent - to cycle higher volumes through areas of concern. Containment solutions also direct flow away from occupied zones into dedicated exhaust pathways for removal. Increased air exchanges purge contaminants from building materials and surfaces before concentrations reach problematic levels. Whenever possible, fresh outdoor air circulates through to dilute VOC levels.

Best Practices for Limiting VOC Buildup in Offices

Alongside testing and ventilation improvements, we can help educate businesses on operational best practices to limit VOC exposure hazards. Keeping temperature and humidity in proper ranges inhibits microbial growth and retards off-gassing. Also, transitioning to low or no-VOC alternatives when selecting paints, adhesives, furniture and supplies reduces emissions at the source. Staff should immediately clean up any spilled liquids before they permeate materials and continue releasing vapors indefinitely. Always storing hazardous chemicals in ventilated areas away from workers prevents accidental contamination.

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Optional Remediating Sources of VOCs using Hydroxyl Generators and Air Scrubbers

To actively remediate identified sources of VOCs rather than just controlling concentrations through ventilation, A-1 Certified Environmental Services leverages hydroxyl generators and industrial air scrubbers. Hydroxyl radicals diffuse throughout office spaces, breaking down VOCs through oxidation reactions destroying chemical bonds. Multi-stage air scrubbers with activated carbon filtration adsorb VOCs from circulation while recirculating clean air. These technologies combined, allow both particulate and gaseous contaminants to be removed for the cleanest air quality attainable indoors.

Implementing Ongoing Monitoring for Continuous Improvement

A single VOC assessment provides just a snapshot of air quality. Regular testing is key to enable evolving contaminant mapping as new pollution hotspots emerge. Annual monitoring allows timely intervention to curb VOC growth before health impacts occur after years of accumulation. For better continuity, A-1 Certified Environmental Services can help establish and implement regular annual VOC monitoring. This shifts efforts from reactive testing to proactive air quality stewardship, allowing staff to self-police activities that increase VOCs.

Why Office Workers Are at Higher Risk than Visitors

Unlike visitors briefly passing through offices each day, employees endure contaminant exposure for over 40 hours every week. Long-term occupancy allows more opportunity for adverse VOC health effects to manifest. Additionally, higher activity levels and respiration rates cause workers to inhale higher cumulative volumes of polluted air relative to sedentary visitors. Also considering that many age-related sensitivities set in during working-age years, VOC testing and control is most critical for safeguarding personnel spending their days inside offices.

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Expanding Testing to Other Environmentally Controlled Spaces

While this guide has focused on VOC exposure challenges prevalent in offices, indoor air quality programs are equally important for other workspace types as well. Testing and remediation protocols for offices readily apply to residential properties, industrial facilities, hospitals, schools, retail spaces and commercial buildings. Environmental conditions and contaminants vary, so A-1 Certified Environmental Services tailors air testing methods to match the unique needs of each structure.

No matter the setting, employees and occupants deserve healthy indoor air free from concerning VOC levels.

VOC Testing for Residential Homes in California

Homeowners and tenants face many of the same indoor VOC pollution issues present in workplaces. Cooking emissions, off-gassing from furniture and building materials, terpenes from household cleaners and microbial VOCs all regularly accumulate indoors. However, there are no enforced air quality regulations around VOCs in residential settings. Without commercial-grade ventilation systems either, household air can stagnate, allowing VOCs to reach much higher levels than seen in offices. Home health improvements require proactive testing and control measures led by indoor air quality experts.

VOC Testing for Industrial Workplaces

Factory employees contend with industrial-scale VOC hazards from workplace activities and production materials. Solvent vapors come from degreasing, surface prep and finishing processes. Raw ingredients, waste products, fuels and heavy equipment exhaust all emit noxious chemical fumes. With large working volumes, airborne containment control proves challenging. Requirements around respiratory protection programs also demand detailed contaminant characterization through exhaustive VOC detection. No other firm can provide the turn-key testing and VOC-abatement solutions that we specialize in specifically for manufacturing settings.

VOC Testing for Healthcare Facilities

Maintaining rigorous indoor air quality standards are even more critical in hospitals, medical offices and care centers where patients may have comprised immune systems, injuries or existing respiratory conditions. Formaldehyde used preserving tissue specimens and sterilizing agents contribute harmful VOC off-gassing. At the same time, elderly patients visiting facilities have accumulated heightened vulnerability to contaminants over their lifetime. Meticulous VOC testing and reporting empowers healthcare providers to fulfill their elevated duty of protecting public health within their walls.

VOC Testing for Hospitality Properties

The wellbeing of guests relying on clean, comfortable rooms also comes down to the quality of indoor air on site. Hotels and resorts must account for diverse sets of possible VOC contamination tied to factors like kitchens, smoking areas, pools and spas, laundry chemicals and high guest turnover with luggage and accessories constantly introducing new pollutants. Testing across different zones and floors identifies patterns for where increased ventilation or remediation would improve guest stays. Annual assessments allow properties to advertise up-to-date certifications for excellent indoor air quality, given heightened transparency around health on travel review sites. 

Partnering for Healthier Indoor Air Quality

No single intervention can address all variables contributing to indoor VOC levels across dynamic office spaces. That’s why A-1 offers ongoing partnerships with clients to put indoor air quality concerns to rest indefinitely.

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Combining cutting-edge VOC testing capabilities, scientific expertise interpreting results, tailored remediation plans and continuous monitoring yields long-term working environments with contaminant levels far below thresholds for health hazards and odor complaints. Let A-1 Certified Environmental Services deliver the clean office air solution you and your employees deserve by contacting us today.

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