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Nothing beats the experience of living peacefully with your family without overspending on health issue. Meeting your family's basic needs will indeed result in healthy living, however, the status of your indoor air is also a factor to consider in maintaining the good health of your family.

Breathing in dangerous gases is detrimental to health and causes death in extreme cases. Some of these gases that affect indoor air quality are VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), combustion gases, etc. This is the reason why it's important to always run indoor air quality checks which can only be done by indoor air quality specialists.

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We can provide VOC Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing services in the Los Angeles region, and in addition to Santa Monica, we also service Burbank, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Arcadia, Bel Air, Hollywood, Hawthorne and Rialto.

If you are anywhere around the Santa Monica region and its vicinity and need the service of an air quality specialist for your residential or commercial property, A-1 Certified Environmental Services is your best bet. Our services are outstanding and affordable. We cover the entire Los Angeles region including Santa Monica.

What are VOCs?

Perhaps you are wondering why the members of your family or staff constantly fall sick - it could be due to the presence of VOCs. And you should be aware of what they are!

VOC is an acronym for Volatile Organic Compound. It is an emitted gas that comes from household products, and it can pose severe harm to the inhabitants of a house. It also affects the air quality and makes respiration difficult, in some cases, it might cause respiratory issues. VOCs come from materials such as plastics, beauty products, carpets, air fresheners, paints, etc.

Inhaling a low level of VOC can affect a person's state of health and causes ailments. Short-time exposure to VOCs can lead to eye problems, headaches, nausea, nose and throat irritation, etc while long-term exposure to this chemical can cause liver damage, cancer, kidney damage, etc. The reason for VOC testing is to prevent all these health issues.

Common Examples of VOCs

Common examples of VOCs are aromatic hydrocarbons including benzene, phenol, ether, formaldehyde, Ethylene glycol, Toluene, Xylene, and 1,3-butadiene, etc.

They can originate from the carbon-based product used at home. VOCs are found frequently indoors and that is the reason for indoor quality air testing - to avoid health hazards.

Sources of VOCs

Many products used in our homes release VOCs and we can inhale these gases when emitted. The following are the common sources of VOCs:

* Carpet and adhesives.
* Paints
* Cleaning and disinfecting chemicals
* Air freshener
* Building materials.
* Upholstery fabrics
* Composite wood products
* Smoking
* Fuel oil and gasoline
* Sealing caulk

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Most people can smell high levels of VOCs and some low levels. But other VOCs do not have a smell. However, the odor does not determine the level of risk. Therefore, it is important to carry out professional VOC testing regularly to avoid health problems.

VOCs Testing in the Santa Monica Region

VOC testing allows you to confirm the presence of poisonous gases and mold in the house and other commercial property. It also detects the presence of black mold or any other toxic mold conditions.

When these gases are trapped inside, they only stay indoors, making the air contaminated and unsafe for breathing.

These gases take a toll on the physical health of people, exposing them to evaporating chemicals. Though it's good for heating and cooling, its adverse effects are worse. To test your house, school, or office for VOCs you need an air quality specialist.

A-1 Certified Environmental Services, offers standard VOC testing anywhere in the Santa Monica along with a quality mold inspection service.

Formaldehyde is one of the most dangerous VOCs and its smell lasts longer before it disappears, which is why you need an expert to get it done quickly for you. We incorporate professional methods to detect any form of VOCs in your home or commercial building.

Our services include professional VOCs testing, mold testing, Allergen testing, Tobacco testing, and detection, indoor air quality testing, and healthy inspections for both homes and commercial properties across the entire orange county region.

VOCs and Indoor air quality testing are for every homeowner, real estate agent, broker, renter, and commercial property owner.

People with respiratory problems are at greater risk of VOC exposure. If you have any family members or staff with respiratory diseases or are highly susceptible to illness from gases, it is advisable to always run VOC testing. Our team will come to your aid immediately when you call.

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In addition to VOC Testing, we also perform Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Testing in the California Los Angeles area.

Benefits of VOC testing

1. Personal and Environmental Safety

VOCs are harmful chemicals that pose long-term health effects on people and the environment. They are present in both synthetic and natural household products; hence, the reason VOC testing must be done to ensure the people and the environment are safe.

2. To Prevent Diseases

Persistent inhaling of VOCs can trigger certain allergic responses in the body, throat inflammation, and respiratory system. Other diseases that can surface from exposure to VOCs are cancer of the lungs, damaged liver, and nervous disorders. This is the essential reason why VOC testing shouldn't be taken lightly.

3. Protection of your Health

Some people are susceptible to VOCs and other gases which can cause general blood poisoning. To prevent this, VOC testing must be done regularly.

Steps to Reduce the Level of VOC Exposure

The level of VOC exposure can be reduced by following these steps:

* Source control: This connotes the removal of all products that give off VOC in your house or commercial property. Buy only the exact amount of chemicals you will use and follow the usage procedure. Never store used chemicals as they might leak and release VOCs.

* Ventilation: Always increase room ventilation and keep good relative humidity by opening windows and using fans. Also ensures there's plenty of fresh air when using paints, or similar products.
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