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Volatile Organic Compounds, also called VOCs, like formaldehyde, ethylene, methylene chloride, and benzene can be found in our regular environment. They are emitted from various products common in most homes and offices into the air, and because of their volatility, they can cause severe health issues.

Providing for your home's basic needs includes ensuring the building is in a safe and healthy environment. Most people pay more attention to the outdoor air as a significant determinant to air pollution, whereas we spend far more time indoors than outdoors. Breathing in dangerous gasses harms your health over a long period of time and can lead to serious chronic health conditions in extreme cases. Having your home or even commercial building tested for VOCs is therefore crucial.

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In addition to VOC Testing in the Beverly Hills region, we also perform Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Testing. As well as the area covered by Beverly Hills, we offer services in West Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica, Inglewood, Burbank, Glendale, West Athens, Huntington Park, Walnut Park, El Segundo and Westmont.

The guaranteed way to know if the air quality of your home or office in the Beverly Hills area is impaired and has reached a harmful level is to contact a reputable indoor air quality testing professional.

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) - not sure about what they are? Here's an explanation. Volatile organic compounds are chemical substances that contain gasses released in the air due to high vapor pressure at atmospheric temperature.

VOCs are found in our regular environment; they are harmful gasses released into the air from various products, both liquids, and solids, and are dangerous to the health of those exposed to them on an ongoing basis.

One of the basic ways to detect typical bad air quality in your home is when you begin to feel discomfort or recurring illnesses amidst your family at home or employees on your commercial property. This poor indoor air quality could be a result of harmful air pollution caused by exposure to VOCs.

VOCs are dangerous chemicals that are found in most products that are being used to build and maintain our homes. Many of the products, natural and manufactured, used at home contain volatile organic compounds and are the cause of some harmful health issues.

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Common Sources of VOC

1. Solvents, paints, glues, plastics.
2. Benzene found in vehicle exhaust pipes and tobacco smoke.
3. Home furniture, wooden floors, and carpets.
4. Ceiling materials that contain formaldehyde.
5. Tools used at the workplace such as printers, carbonless copy paper, and photocopiers.
6. Gas burning stoves, candles, burning organic materials such as trees and grasses.
7. Natural fuels, either as byproducts or as a product like gasoline.
8. Beauty products and cleaning products are made from raw materials like vinegar, acetone, and alcohol.

There are many more sources of VOCs in your homes and in the natural environment you should watch out for. Because most of these sources are used consistently in a home, it is, therefore, crucial that you contact a professional VOC testing service to ensure your home is not adversely affected.

Reasons for VOC testing?

"I will just make sure I keep my home environment clean", some people would say. Even though you ensure that you practice good hygiene daily, you can still be a victim of sickness due to indoor VOC toxins. Observing good hygiene is good, but still, you should get your home tested for VOC, and it should be conducted by certified professionals.

It is therefore appropriate that you test for VOCs due to the harmful threats after continuous exposure, although not all VOCs are harmful. However, these chemicals can combine with other harmful gasses released in the air and cause dangerous harm to your indoor air quality.

One of the notable and most dangerous VOCs is Formaldehyde, a gaseous compound that can be released into the air in various ways. Its odor lasts a long time before it disappears. This is one of the reasons why you should test for VOCs in your home to determine the level of exposure of your home and to guarantee the sound health of your family and employees.

Consistent exposure to VOCs worsens the effect for those with pre-existing health challenges such as asthma or people sensitive to chemicals.

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One major advantage of regular testing for VOCs in your home is that it can help you reduce your environmental risk factor and prevent any harmful medical issues later on. Exposure to VOCs has several effects on the health of people. There are certain effects or symptoms you should watch out for.

Short-term effects on health include:

* Frequent headaches
* Dizziness
* Watery nose, itchy or sore throat
* Eye irritation
* Nausea or vomiting
* Worsened asthma condition

Long-term effects include:

* Liver damage, kidney, central nervous system damage
* Cancer
* High immunity deficiency in kids
* It could ultimately lead to severe chronic conditions

We use professional strategies to detect any form of VOCs in your house or commercial property. We also offer other professional services, including mold testing and indoor air quality testing.

Regulating the air quality of your home through VOC testing will reduce the risk of adverse reactions to airborne toxins.

Can you reduce VOC exposure?

Sure, you can! Reducing the chances of your building being contaminated by VOCs is also as important as regularly testing for VOCs. Here are some ways to reduce your exposure to VOCs.

* Buy only VOC products that you would use immediately and dispose of cans of used substances.
* When purchasing solvents, and chemical substances, go for the products that are low in VOC quantity.
* Give room for cross ventilation in the home, and also, after using VOC-containing substances, allow the circulation of fresh air in your home.
* Dispose of cans of used substances. Storing them in the home will cause the release of VOC gases from the old partially used container.
* Avoid smoking indoors because the smoke can easily hang on furniture, cotton, and other home furniture.
* Do not conduct home renovations when there are occupants in the home or commercial properties.
* Have a regular cleaning of your HVAC systems to ensure effective functioning.

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