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VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) like formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, methylene chloride, benzene, and xylene can be found in our regular environment. They can be released from various products into the air because of their volatility, potentially causing severe health hazards.

It’s relatively easy to assume that your air quality is not affected by VOCs if you do not experience discomfort, which is a typical sign of poor air quality. The only way to know if your air quality has reached a harmful level is to contact a reputable VOC testing agency to perform a certified lab test.

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In addition to VOC Testing in the Palo Alto region, we also offer Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Testing in the surrounding area, including Menlo Park, Redwood City, South San Francisco, San Bruno, Belmont, Burlingame, San Carlos, Woodside, Atherton, Foster City, Pacifica, Millbrae and Half Moon Bay.

This article will explain what volatile organic compounds are and their sources. It will also explain what VOC testing is, its effect on air quality, its importance, and when you should consider setting up an appointment for a VOC test.

What are VOCs?

VOCs are chemical substances that contain gases given off by solids or liquids at atmospheric temperature or considerably above. Many products can emit VOCs that are harmful to human health and the surrounding area, even when discharged over legally permitted limits.

Almost all natural and manufactured materials contain volatile organic compounds, which can exist as vapor, physical liquid, or solid. VOCs are a frequently disregarded component of indoor air quality and are responsible for some harmful health impacts.

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Sources of VOCs

• Solvents, coatings, and paints.
• Ceiling tiles and other materials that contain formaldehyde.
• Office tools such as printers, photocopiers, and carbonless copy paper.
• Chlorofluorocarbons like tetrachloroethene for laundry and in industries.
• Natural fuels, whether as a byproduct like combustion gas or as a product like gasoline.
• Perchloroethylene – also used in laundry products.
• Aerosol spray paint and adhesive removers that contain methyl chloride.
• Benzene: found in tobacco smoke and vehicle exhaust pipes.
• Items for crafts and graphics, such as photographic chemicals, permanent markers, adhesives, and glue.

What is VOC Testing?

VOC testing is simply collecting air from an area exposed to VOCs and subjecting it to processes to determine if it contains any volatile organic compounds.

VOC Effects on Air Quality

Some solids or liquids release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as vapors. Many organic compounds are VOCs, some of which could have negative short- and long-term health impacts.

Organic solvents present in numerous cleaning, dermatological, disinfecting, and recreational items and coatings and paints can cause severe health implications when inhaled for an extended time.

Fuels composed of organic chemicals while being used and, to a lesser extent, while being stored, have the potential to emit chemical molecules into the air. These chemical molecules sometimes affect the skin negatively and can cause allergies and discomfort.

Research shows that concentrations of most typical organic contaminants are two to five times greater within homes than they are outdoors, whether the place is in rural or industrialized areas. Using items containing organic compounds can endanger users and others, exposing them to extremely high pollution levels.

Effects on Health

• Headache, vertigo, and nausea.
• Allergic skin reaction.
• Nervous system and renal dysfunction.
• Decrease in the concentrations of serum cholinesterase.
• Irritated eyes, nose, and throat.
• Corneal irritability.
• Exhaustion.
• Cognitive impairment.

Note: The exposure level and duration can impact how much and what kind of health effects may occur with ongoing contact with VOCs.

The Advantages of Conducting VOC Testing

VOC testing makes it possible to analyze the air in the environment to detect potentially harmful and volatile compounds that could cause health issues.

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Actions That Can Lower Exposure to VOCs

• Allow enough airflow when using products that contain a volatile organic compound.
• Apply a sealer to any visible paneling surfaces and furniture to lessen exposure.
• Use comprehensive pest control strategies instead of buying pesticides.
• Purchase only VOC products that you will use quickly, then carefully dispose of any used container.
• Never keep unused paints in containers that are not sealed.
• When using a domestic item, always adhere to the producer's instructions.
• Protect pets and children from these items.
• Never combine household items that contain chemicals unless the product guideline says so.

How Can VOCs Be Reduced from Indoor Air?

Open your windows and doors, turn on the kitchen ventilation system, or install a dedicated ventilator to eliminate VOCs and let clean air enter your home. Heat or energy restoration ventilators can also draw the same quantity of air into your home as they expel musty indoor air.

When to Conduct a VOC Testing

You can't precisely gauge the degree of VOCs present in your home or office by just using your sense of smell.

So, call for a VOC testing business in any of the following situations:

• After doing a major house or office renovation. Some construction materials, fixtures, and finishes contain volatile organic compounds.
• After spraying paint, put a new carpet, floor coverings, cabinets, and new furniture.
• After installing a 3D printer in the office.

How We Perform VOC Testing in Palo Alto Area

We check for volatile organic compounds in your home or office by collecting samples in your home, office, factory church or hospital. We will send the samples to a specialized VOC testing facility, where they will be tested using a series of processes that produce precise results.

We use different strategies and testing techniques to detect VOCs in your environment based on the volatile compounds you want to check.

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