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If you live in the beautiful Manhattan Beach region, you'll find a lot of useful information about VOC testing in the area.

The quality of air inhaled by your family at home or employees at your workplace has an impact on their health. Hence, paying attention to the quality of the air they are exposed to is essential.

As well as VOC Testing in the Manhattan Beach conurbation, we also provide services in the surrounding cities such as: Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Lawndale, Hawthorne, Alondra Park, Lennox, Torrance, Gardena and Inglewood. In addition to VOC Testing, we also offer Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing.

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When it comes to health, preventive measures are usually cheaper and safer than curative procedures. And one of the best ways to protect yourself, your family, and your employees from falling sick is to ensure good indoor air quality.

You may be an expert at keeping personal hygiene rules, however, we have an enemy which disguises itself as a friend. It's called VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). When they come together, they are called VOCs. They are harmful gasses present in many homes and offices in commonly used products or appliances.

When they are released, they pollute the air, and consistent exposure to these harmful gasses can be very detrimental to the health of occupants in the building.

You will not be able to spot the presence of VOCs yourself, so it’s recommended that you hire the service of a professional indoor air quality expert.

Who does it better than A-1 Certified Environmental Services in the Manhattan Beach region? Before you find out why our clients choose us over and over again, here are some details about VOCs and VOC testing.

VOCs: What are They?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals present in manufactured and natural products often used in the home. They can either exist in a liquid, solid, or gas form and if exposed to the air, they can easily threaten the health of your family.

One of the symptoms of the presence of these harmful gasses in your home or even in commercial building is recurring illness or discomfort among occupants. This air pollution can be found in both indoor and outdoor air.

Many people pay less attention to their indoor air quality and just pay attention to the quality of the air they are exposed to outside. However, the majority of people spend most of their time indoors than outdoor.

Moreover, these harmful gasses are found in almost all materials and products used to build and maintain the building. They are emitted into the air due to their high volatility through these products; some are dangerous, while those that are not harmful in themselves can combine with other air pollutants and cause a huge health hazard.

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Examples of VOCs found in our regular environment include formaldehyde which is the most common among VOCs. This is a gaseous compound that, when released in the air, produces an that odor remains for a while before it vanishes. Formaldehyde can lead to various health challenges, and every home should guard against being exposed to its effect because of the danger it poses on your health. Other examples of VOCs include xylene, benzene, ethylene glycol, and methylene chloride.

What is VOC Testing and How is it Done?

In simple terms, volatile organic compound testing is essential and is carried out to detect the presence of VOCs in your home or other commercial building.

VOC testing is done for both indoor and outdoor air quality to ensure the safety of your loved ones and for the sake of environmental safety. The testing is executed by collecting a sample for laboratory analysis using thermal desorption or using a Headspace analyzer (Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry) to determine the VOC contents.

Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds

There are various products VOCs derive from, some of which are:

* Perchloroethylene used in laundry.
* Ceiling materials that have formaldehyde.
* Paints, glues, and solvents.
* Tobacco smoke and vehicle exhaust pipes.
* Photocopier, carbonless copy paper, printers that are often used in the workplace.
* Items such as permanent markers, adhesives, and photographic chemicals.
* Gas burning stoves or burning organic materials such as grasses and trees.
* Cleaning materials and beauty products that are made of alcohol, vinegar, and acetone.

Many people don’t regard VOCs as potentially dangerous components of indoor air quality. However, they do pose severe health consequences especially over an extended period of time. They are common in several products used in commercial buildings and homes, which is one of the major reasons to conduct VOC testing on your properties to prevent negative health effects. Worthy of note is that a professional and reliable VOC testing company should conduct the test.

Importance of VOC Testing

Ensuring good environmental hygiene is not enough to shield you from VOCs' effect on your health. Despite these measures, your home and commercial properties could still be adversely affected by the presence of VOCs.

Also, you can’t detect if VOCs impair your home by random observation or by your ability to smell anything wrong with the odor of the air. Most times, it requires professional VOC testing. Some products release volatile organic compounds as vapors, which have potential long-term and short-term implications on your health.

The presence of VOCs in a home affects the indoor air quality, which is not safe for the occupants, especially those with health issues like asthma. Inhaling VOCs can aggravate such health challenges. And long-term exposure to these can lead to a shortened lifespan and, in certain extreme cases, ultimately severe chronic health issues.

Conducting regular VOC testing will protect you from adverse health impairments and reduce environmental risk in your homes.

Effects of VOCs on Health

The exposure level will determine VOCs' effect on people’s health.

* Dizziness, incoordination, and frequent headaches.
* Cognitive impairments.
* Liver and kidney damage.
* Allergic skin reactions.
* Watery nose, eye irritation, sore and itchy throats.
* Nervous system dysfunction.

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How to Reduce Exposure to VOCs

* You can reduce your home exposure level to VOCs’ by ensuring you have adequate ventilation when using products that contain VOCs.
* Do not proceed with renovating your home while occupants are in your house.
* Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when using these products.
* Ensure you buy VOC products that are for immediate use.
* Avoid using pesticides – instead make use of comprehensive pest control strategies.

So, Why Contact Us for VOC Testing in Manhattan Beach

* Our team of experts and professionals in VOC testing will conduct the test with the benefit of decades of experience in home testing.
* We are available, and you can always reach out to us for your VOC testing at home or for your commercial properties. We typically have a quick response rate, especially in the case of an emergency.
* We have updated equipment to conduct precise and accurate VOC testing and communicate the results to our highly valued customers.
* Our reach goes beyond Manhattan Beach and expands to the whole region of Los Angeles County and the surrounding districts.

VOC testing in your home or commercial properties helps you determine your exposure level to these harmful gasses and also protects you from unknowingly suffering from the effects. Hence, you can’t afford to leave testing for VOCs in your home to chance.

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