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When it comes to air pollution, we pay more attention to outdoor air than our indoor air yet we spend most of our time indoors. The level of VOC concentration in a home or business is usually up to 5 times higher than outside it, and that requires the need to reassure yourself of your indoor air quality through VOC testing in Riverside.

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Testing your indoor air for VOCs in Riverside, as is in other places, involves using sophisticated devices to determine the levels and types of volatile organic compounds and comparing them to the safe levels you should have in an indoor environment. VOC testing is one of the first steps toward extending a solution to your poor indoor air quality.

This article will show you how important it is that you do VOC testing for your indoor air in Riverside. It'll also educate you on the common sources of VOCs and why you should choose us for your indoor air testing, including VOC testing in the Riverside area.

Sources of VOCs

VOCs are volatile organic compounds, and they are present in many everyday items, including those that we use for cleaning. The volatile organic compounds are released into the air when we use these items, increasing their concentration in your indoor air at every use.

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Cleaning Agents

Detergents and disinfectants are one of the most common cleaning agents in any home, including in Riverside. They're used to clean dishes, surfaces, and clothes. They also clean floors, desks, and table surfaces in offices. However, what many don't know is that they contain some volatile organic compounds such as glycol ethers and formaldehyde.

While you're wiping your floors and kitchen islands, you're introducing these volatile organic compounds into your home. However, you need to keep your home clean with these cleaning agents, hence, you'll always have VOCs in your home to some extent.

Paints and Paint Remover or Stripper

Remodeling your home or office means you'll have to use construction materials and finish your interior designs with paints. You may also have to remove paint from some areas, and that requires a paint stripper.

These liquids start as pigments and need solvents. The appropriate solvent for them contains some levels of volatile organic compounds. They preserve the integrity of the pigment and are released into your indoor atmosphere on exposure. VOCs are a result of the strong odor you notice in a newly painted room.

Stored Fuel and Automotive Products

Gasoline is a common fuel which we sometimes have in a can, for storage, probably for use when we're using our gasoline mowers or for generators. Organic compounds contained in gasoline are also volatile and they'll escape into the atmosphere when allowed to.

If you open your gasoline can indoors or expose automobile parts that may have contained some incomplete carbon combustion, they'll release VOCs into your indoor environment, increasing the concentration of VOCs in your home.

Dry Cleaned Clothing

Did you ever think your clothes could be carrying agents that are detrimental to your health after cleaning them? With the common notion that dry-cleaned clothes are clean and free from any germs, we've not considered the volatile organic compounds that are added to them through the cleaning agents.

Commercial dry cleaners wrap these clothes in plastic, and we unwrap them when we're ready to wear them, introducing VOCs into our homes. Also, due to the nature of business in dry cleaners, there'll be a higher concentration of VOCs in their indoor atmosphere.

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Office Equipment

In an office environment, furnishings and fire retardants are already sources of VOCs. However, equipment and office supplies, such as printers and copiers also introduce some volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Inks used in printing documents contain pigments that need to be dissolved before use, and their solvents contain volatile organic compounds.

Permanent markers, correction fluid, glue and adhesives, and graphic and craft materials are also common sources of VOCs, depending on your line of work.


Furniture is one of the most common absorbers of volatile organic compounds. Smoke and other gases are easily absorbed by your sofa and other stuffed furniture. Leather furniture may not absorb as many VOCs as cotton, and other types of furniture. However, they all off-gas adsorbed compounds after some time. Your mattress, ceiling, and sofa can continue to release VOCs for years.

Health Implications of Indoor VOCs

VOCs may not seem to be a big deal, but they can have serious health implications from exposure to them for a long period. The most common and mildest of them is irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat if they're inhaled. Since VOCs are present in perfumes and aerosols, you can easily inhale them, and they may cause your eyes to water and become red. Your throat may become itchy and sore, and your nose can become watery.

Also, prolonged infant exposure to VOCs can cause immunity deficiency in kids, and that will cause them to be more vulnerable to different diseases.

Importance of VOC Testing

VOC testing in Riverside helps you to know how many VOCs you have in your indoor atmosphere, and compare them to the tolerable levels for humans. Generally, VOC testing offers the following benefits.

Better Indoor Air Quality

After testing for VOC in your Riverside home or business, you can begin to plan for better indoor air quality by reducing the levels of VOCs you have indoors.

Improved Health

With improved indoor air comes better health. However, the first step towards that is testing for VOC concentration in your living and working space. After VOC testing, you'll know the probable cause of the health challenges your family or workers have been battling.

Safe Indoor Atmosphere for Infants

You can start creating a safer indoor atmosphere for your infants and help in strengthening their immune systems by testing for VOCs in your home. By reducing the volume of VOCs in your home, the stronger your infants' immunity will be.

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Why Choose Us for Your VOC Testing in Riverside?

While there are several VOC testing outfits in California, we use our vast experience and expertise to help you determine the volume of VOCs you have in your home or your office. You should choose us for VOC testing in Riverside because:

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Final Thoughts

You owe yourself, your family, and your staff a clean and healthy indoor atmosphere, and the first step towards that is VOC testing. Reach out to us for VOC testing and get fast, accurate, reliable and objective results.

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