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Providing for your family's basic needs includes ensuring they are in a safe and healthy environment. Hence, testing for VOC in your home is one of the ways to show that you really care about them.

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Most people think they are safe from air pollution because they stay indoors most of the time - in the home, office, school, etc. However, the quantity of harmful substances in the air in confined spaces like residential and commercial spaces is usually far more polluted than that of outdoor spaces.

For instance, you probably don't know that your furniture and some other elements in your home or office can contaminate your indoor air by releasing hazardous gases known as VOCs. Same with some daily seemingly benign daily activities. Breathing in these dangerous gases is detrimental to human health and can lead to severe diseases in some extreme cases.

We provide VOC Testing, Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Testing in the Torrance district. In addition to Torrance we also serve Redondo Beach, West Carson, Carson, Lomita, Lawndale, Alondra Park, Palos Verdes Estates, Hermosa Beach, Gardena, Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne and West Athens.

The first step in making your home or office a safe place is to subject your indoor air to VOC testing. While you can easily smell the presence of some pollutants like cigarette smoke that harbors VOCs, not all of them can be smelled. Hence, in most cases, you'll need to get professional help.

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Do you live in Torrance and you don't know what VOC testing entails? Hiring professionals to get VOC testing for your residential or commercial space is essential. Here is detailed information on all you need to know about VOC testing. This will allow you to see your family or staff is exposed to potentially harmful indoor air pollution.

What are VOCs?

You may have noticed a recurring pattern of sickness among members of your family or employees at work; this could be a result of harmful air pollution caused by the presence of VOCs, so you must be aware of what they are.

VOCs, an acronym for Volatile Organic Compounds, are organic chemicals present in the indoor and outdoor air due to their high vapor pressure at room temperature and low boiling point.

In simple terms, VOCs are harmful pollution released in the air from various solids and liquids which may result in severe harm to the inhabitants of a building. There are large collections of chemicals that are found in most products that we use to build and maintain our homes, some of which include:

•Paints, plastics, glues
•Carpets, wooden floors, home furniture
•Gas burning stoves, candles, burning organic materials such as trees
•Beauty products and cleaning products that are made of vinegar, alcohol, or acetone

There are various other sources of VOCs in your homes and working environment you should watch out for. With many of these sources being used on almost a daily basis in a home, it is therefore essential that you conduct professional VOC testing to ensure your home is not negatively affected.

We're happy to help you out with your VOC Testing needs, but keep in mind, we also undertake Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing in the California region.

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Reasons for VOC Testing?

Regardless of how carefully you ensure your home is kept tidy and clean, you can still be a victim of sickness due to indoor VOC toxins, so it’s not too early to start testing for VOCs by certified professionals.

It is therefore relevant that you test for VOCs due to the harm it poses after continuous contact, although not all VOCs are harmful. However, they can combine with other harmful gasses emitted in the air and cause impairment to your indoor air quality. Hence, exposure to low VOC levels for an extended period would increase your vulnerability to health problems.

VOC testing helps you detect harmful gasses in the house or other commercial properties you might have. It also confirms the possible presence of other toxic molds. When these harmful gases are indoors, they contaminate the air quality, making breathing unsafe and can shorten one’s lifespan if inhaled over a long period of time. Studies prove that exposure to VOCs worsens symptoms for those with health issues like asthma or those sensitive to certain other chemicals. Regular testing for VOCs in the air can help you reduce your environmental risk factor and avoid any harmful medical issues in the future.

There are symptoms to watch out for in short-term and long-term exposures to VOCs.

Short-term Symptoms Include:

• Frequent headaches
• Dizziness
• Watery nose
• Itchy and sore throat
• Eye irritation
• Nausea/vomiting
• Worsened asthma condition

Long-term Symptoms Include:

• Liver damage
• Kidney damage
• Central nervous system damage
• Cancer
• High immunity deficiency in kids

One of the common and most dangerous VOCs is Formaldehyde, it is a gaseous compound that can be emitted into the air in various ways, and the potential harm lasts longer before it disappears. This is why every house should have specialized testing to determine the level of exposure they have to it, to ensure the safety of your family and employees.

Regulating air quality through testing will reduce the risk of adverse reactions to airborne toxins.

Ways to Reduce VOC Exposure

Reducing the chances of your home being contaminated are reduced if you regularly test for VOCs. Here are some tips for reducing your exposure to VOCs.

• Do not store chemicals like solvents, caulks, paints, and adhesives in your home. Buy only the quantity you need at that moment.
• If there are remnants of chemicals or substances containing VOCs, put them in the garage or keep them outdoors if possible.
• Throw away cans of used substances. Keeping them in the home will cause the release of remnant VOC gases in the home.
• When buying solvent, chemicals, and similar substances, go for the ones low in VOC quantity.
• Allow cross ventilation in the home, especially after using VOC-containing substances. Open your doors and window to allow circulation of fresh air.
• Do not perform home renovations when there are occupants in the home.
• Clean your HVAC systems regularly to ensure effective functioning.
• Do not smoke indoors. The smoke can hang on furniture, carpets, and other home amenities.
• Buy potted plants that release fresh air indoors. But be careful not to go for plants that release pollen.

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Professional VOC Testing in Torrance

The presence of VOCs in your home will harm the health of the people who inhabit the place. Getting a professional indoor air quality test is better and safer to prevent your family members and loved ones from suffering from impairment caused by VOCs or other indoor air contaminants. VOC testing and formaldehyde testing are essential to maintain your home's and commercial properties' safety. Hence, we have incorporated professional strategies to detect any form of VOCs in your house or commercial property. We also offer other professional services including mold testing and indoor air quality testing.

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