Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles Region

Signs you Might Need Residential or Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

Sights and smells are often a sure sign that you need indoor air quality testing. The two sources of air contaminants include gases and airborne particulates, whose sizes range from invisible to clearly conspicuous. Finding coatings of dust on surfaces or an oily grime should signal that it’s time to investigate the causes. Complaints about headaches, respiratory, or flu-like symptoms are another sign there’s something wrong with the air.

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At rest, an adult human consumes 2,905 gallons of air per day. Particulate pollutants collect inside the lungs and harmful gases may travel through the bloodstream to the entire body. The most common culprits in both residential and commercial settings in the Los Angeles area include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from chemicals used in manufacturing and cleaning processes, as well as products used every day at home.

Taking steps to minimize the pollutants in the air promotes better health and is the goal of indoor air quality testing for commercial buildings and private residences. Clean air has fewer harmful gases and particulates in it, which minimizes exposure to harmful substances. Indoor air quality testing in the home may yield similar results, although the type and number of pollutants might be different.

Why It’s So Important

The side effects of poor air quality range from mild to serious. In their extreme, VOCs cause permanent nerve and liver damage and cancer. Constant exposure to airborne particulates can cause heart disease, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, or COPD. Exposure to carbon monoxide, even at low levels for prolonged periods, can damage unborn babies, damage heart muscles, and cause delayed neurological damage.Enter your text here...

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Making Changes after Evaluation

After the results of home air quality testing come back, people can take steps to improve it by choosing healthier products and increasing filtration and ventilation. The test results from commercial indoor air quality testing might be the same and require the same mitigation devices, although on a bigger scale.

Indoor Air Quality Testing In San Francisco

Bottom Line

Contaminants are common in the indoor environment and the air. An air quality test helps you prevent the problems associated with short and long-term exposure. Once you know what they are, you can put a plan in place to successfully minimize your contact.

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