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A list of our main services include: 

- Commercial and Residential Mold Testing
- VOC Testing
- Chemical Testing
- Formaldehyde Testing
- Healthy Home Inspections
- Water Testing
- Moisture Detection & Thermal Image Camera
- Odor Investigation and Testing
- Hydroxyl Generator and Air Scrubber Rental
- Dehumidifier Rental
- Air Blowers for Rental
- Allergen Testing
- Pet Dander & Dust Mites
- Environmental Testing
- Meth (Methamphetamine) and Tobacco Testing and Detection
- Particle Analysis
- Fiber Glass Detection
- Dust Mites
- E. coli Testing

We perform Home Testing and Inspections for all of the above services. In addition, we provide commercial indoor air quality testing and mold testing services.

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We provide residential and commercial indoor air quality testing, mold inspection, VOC testing and formaldehyde testing in the Los Angles and San Francisco regions of California. 

Usually we offer any these types of services for residential homes, office buildings, schools, churches and warehouses. We can provide indoor air quality testing and mold testing for your home, office or commercial building no matter how large or small.

When discussing VOCs, one is so much more common than others that all households should have specialized testing done to determine their risk and exposure to it: formaldehyde.

Our Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing clients include:

  • Home Owners

  • Home Buyers

  • Realtors

  • Property Managers

  • Renters

  • Commercial Property Owners

  • Leaseholders and Building Managers

A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC

Air scrubbers

Improve your home's Air Quality.

Air scrubbers are extremely effective filters - they draw in air, eliminate contaminants and then return the cleaned oxygenated air back into your home. Air scrubbers are more than a simple filter. These machines are used for mold remediation, water and fire damage restoration, and dust and odor control. In fact air scrubbers even remove mold spores!

With a high-quality air scrubber you will reduce allergy problems as well as sinus and asthma symptoms. Air scrubbers are Ideal for homes with kids and pets. Office environments and many other businesses are also ideal candidates for air scrubber installation.

We also have Hydroxyl Generators which have been successfully tested on smoke damage and other restoration jobs, including floods, musty odors and other V.O.Cs. Hydroxyl Generators are able to eliminate a broader range of bacteria, odors and V.O.Cs than previous methods. You can use hydroxyl generators all day with no threat to your health.

We offer excellent value and we'll deliver your air scrubbers directly to your home or business.

Air Scrubber Rental and Hydroxyl Generator Rental in California

Meth Residue Testing in California

Could your home have meth residue? If so, you and your family could be in danger. You know that methamphetamine can severely damage your health. The good news is that if your home does have meth residue, you can have the residue removed. First, though, you'll need to have your home tested. Don't delay your meth residue testing. The sooner you know your home's status, the sooner you can get proactive with your health.

Invisible Impact

Want a good reason to get methamphetamine testing? Meth residue is completely invisible. You won't be able to smell it, either. While meth residue can stick around for years, you may never know it's there.

Meth and Health Problems

Obviously, cooking and smoking meth will damage one's health. However, second-hand and even third-hand meth can cause damage, too. Scientists are still learning new things about meth residue and its health impact. People exposed to meth-related chemicals can experience symptoms similar to asthma. Other meth-related issues include the following:

  • Eye problems
  • Rashes
  • Cough
  • Attention and behavioral problems
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble sleeping
Meth Testing Los Angeles

Meth Residue Testing California

Do You Need Meth Testing?

Who should get meth residue testing? First, if you or any of your family members have experienced the above health issues, you should schedule your home meth testing as soon as possible.

New Homeowners and Renters

Did you recently move into your home? If so, consider methamphetamine testing. Remember that meth residue can stick around for years. It doesn't take much meth to leave behind that sticky residue. If any of your home's previous residents used or cooked meth, you could experience health problems.

Residents of Wooded Areas

Do you live in a wooded or fairly secluded area? Meth cooks use similar areas to stay hidden while they make their products.

People with Children

If you have children, then you put their safety above everything else. That's why you should know that children who live in homes with meth residue risk facing long-term health problems.

Meth Residue Testing

If any of the above scenarios describe your living situation, then it's time to get meth residue testing. Don't hire just any service, though. You'll want a service that isn't associated with a remediation service, like A-1 Certified Environmental Services. This way, you'll know that you're getting an unbiased opinion, and you won't risk spending money that you don't need to spend. We'll test for meth residue on your surfaces and meth particles in the air. You want to keep your family safe. We're ready to help!