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A list of our main services include: 

- Commercial and Residential Mold Testing
- VOC Testing
- Chemical Testing
- Formaldehyde Testing
- Healthy Home Inspections
- Water Testing
- Moisture Detection & Thermal Image Camera
- Odor Investigation and Testing
- Hydroxyl Generator and Air Scrubber Rental
- Dehumidifier Rental
- Air Blowers for Rental
- Allergen Testing
- Pet Dander & Dust Mites
- Environmental Testing
- Meth (Methamphetamine) and Tobacco Testing and Detection
- Particle Analysis
- Fiber Glass Detection
- Dust Mites
- E. coli Testing

We perform Home Testing and Inspections for all of the above services. In addition, we provide commercial indoor air quality testing and mold testing services.

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We provide residential and commercial indoor air quality testing, mold inspection, VOC testing and formaldehyde testing in the Los Angles and San Francisco regions of California. 

Usually we offer any these types of services for residential homes, office buildings, schools, churches and warehouses. We can provide indoor air quality testing and mold testing for your home, office or commercial building no matter how large or small.

When discussing VOCs, one is so much more common than others that all households should have specialized testing done to determine their risk and exposure to it: formaldehyde.

Our Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing clients include:

  • Home Owners

  • Home Buyers

  • Realtors

  • Property Managers

  • Renters

  • Commercial Property Owners

  • Leaseholders and Building Managers

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