Mold and Air Quality Testing

When discussing VOCs, one is so much more common than others that all households should have specialized testing done to determine their risk and exposure to it: formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde Testing LA in California. Taking care of yourself and your family is more than just providing for them, it’s ensuring your environment stays safe and healthy. That’s why VOC testing Los Angeles homes is so important: your family could be exposed to hazardous compounds in the air every day and suffer ill health effects from a hazard you can’t even see. Learn more about VOC testing LA home air

Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles Region

Signs you Might Need Residential or Commercial Indoor Air Quality TestingSights and smells are often a sure sign that you need indoor air quality testing. The two sources of air contaminants include gases and airborne particulates, whose sizes range from invisible to clearly conspicuous. Finding coatings of dust on surfaces or an oily grime should signal that it’s time to investigate the causes. Complaints about headaches, respiratory, or flu-like symptoms

Mold Prevention Tips in the San Francisco Bay Area

Here are several tips for preventing major problems during the winter season in climates with high humidity. First, wipe off condensation build up wherever you see it, lift the blinds, move the curtains, let your rooms “breathe”. Air flow is important to prevent mold growth. When the weather permits it, open windows, and doors. If possible, do this on opposite sides of the house to get good air circulation. Pay

Indoor Air Quality Testing if you Suspect Mold or VOC’s

​Whether you’re concerned about mold testing San Francisco CA or the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home or the building where you work. One thing is certain. Bad air affects health as much as bad water does, except that breathing isn’t optional: the average person takes in 2,905 gallons of air every day.You inhale the pollutants and irritants in the air. They may include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and

Mold Testing in the Bay Area California

A-1 Certified Environmental Services delivers Objective Mold Inspection Services. Mold remediation is frequently costly. Pre-testing can prove the existence of black mold and further toxic or non-toxic mold conditions. Allow us to determine if you truly have an issue with mold. Mold treatment might not be essential. We aren’t associated with any Mold Treatment or Removal Companies. We guarantee that our clients will be given objective, non-bias analysis results!Carl Gibbons

Mold Inspection San Francisco

VOC Testing San FranciscoHow to pick the best mold testing service in the San Francisco region!As a property owner or manager or if you are considering buying or renting a new property, if you see any indication of a mold problem, it’s time for a mold inspection by someone who is professionally trained in surface and indoor air quality testing. We offer the best mold testing service in San Francisco

Mold Testing San Francisco

​Reasons Why New Home Buyers Should get Professional Mold Testing Before Moving In​Professional Mold Testing: An Integral Pre-Ownership Requisite for New Home Buyers As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) keeps on saying, mold is everywhere. In case you haven’t heard, mold is a type of fungi that thrives in warm, damp, and humid conditions and can be found in abundance both indoors and outdoors. While its existence is pretty common,

​The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Testing

​The Impor​tance of Indoor Air Quality Testing. The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Testing. ​Did you know that the air quality in your home might be more polluted than the air outside? Some agencies report that it could be as much as two to five times worse than outdoor air, and it’s a worsening problem.The chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and mold that are common in housing throughout the United States