Mold Testing Vallejo

One of the many questions we’re usually asked by homeowners and businesses in Vallejo California is whether they need to perform mold testing when mold is either suspected or seen.

The issue of mold testing has generated a lot of controversy in Vallejo and throughout California. The belief on the subject matter varies widely from the viewpoint of homeowners whose health have been compromised to business owners who were made to believe that mold is harmless.

In all honesty, the presence of mold in a home or workplace can be disastrous. Breathing in mold spores can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and serious infections. Prolonged exposure to mold can irritate sensitive areas of the body such as the throat, eyes, skin, and lungs.

Even when you are interested in buying a home in Vallejo, it is important you perform mold testing. New homes cost a lot and the last thing you would want is to spend more money on unexpected repairs, like mold. Therefore, mold testing is one important type of inspection that your Vallejo property should regularly undergo.

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Mold Testing Vallejo

What is mold testing?

Mold testing is an important step for homeowners, businesses or home buyers. It involves testing some surfaces in the building or by taking air samples in the area to find out if mold exists and the type that grows (if any) in the area tested.

Mold Testing Procedures

Mold testing is not only about whether mold growth and spores are present. You would need to test the home and determine the type of mold that is growing, how extensive the issue might be and exactly where the mold is thriving. A mold-testing expert will examine the problem areas and get samples of the mold. In addition, he may test the air and other parts of your home or workplace for spores. Thereafter, the samples will be tested in a laboratory to determine the type of mold and its concentration.

Benefits of Having your Home or Business Tested for Mold

Mold testing in Vallejo, California offers several amazing benefits to homes and businesses and allows you to fight mold efficiently and effectively. Here are just a few benefits:

1. Assess health risks
Not only is it unsightly to have those brownish-green patches on your ceilings and walls, but it is also unhealthy. When you get your home or business tested for molds, you will be able to assess your health risks and take steps to protect the inhabitants of your property against any unforeseen health challenges.

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2. Evaluate the risks of structural damage
Mold can easily grow in areas with a high moisture level. It can even grow in areas of your home or workplace that are not easily visible such as behind wallpapers or walls, behind or beneath plumbing fixtures, on your flooring tiles, even underneath appliances, etc. Water damage and mold growth can cause diverse problems with electrical wiring, wooden structures, and insulation in your workplace or home. However, a regular mold testing can help you evaluate the extent of contamination and risks to your property.

3. Keep the Mold from Spreading
Mold spreads very quickly. It takes about two days for it to grow and can take over your home in as little as one day. Regular mold testing can help prevent mold from spreading all over your home or workplace.

4. Detect Sources of Moisture in Your home or workplace
Even if molds are currently not growing in your home or workplace, some areas might still be at risk of mold infestation. A mold inspection and testing can help to reveal leaks and other areas of moisture in your home.

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5. Mold exposure
While some kinds of mold may remain unseen for a long time, growing rapidly and spreading within wood frames or behind your walls; professional mold testing will expose this unsafe presence and provide in-depth information on how to remedy the situation.

6. Confirm mold presence
You may think that you see or smell the presence of mold in your residential or commercial property. The fact remains it is still an assumption. A reliable mold test is the only way to confirm your guess. Your property will be completely tested for mold invasion, and you will know if your home or workplace is healthy to live in.

Of course we undertake Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing in Vallejo, but in addition, we also cover all the surrounding cities of Fairfield, Vacaville, Napa, Davis, Benicia, American Canyon, Suisun City, Dixon, Pinole, Richmond, Sonoma County and Napa County.


Mold testing allows you to identify whether the type of mold growing inside your home or workplace is toxic, pathogenic or allergenic. The points mentioned above are enough to make you schedule a residential or commercial mold testing in Vallejo, California today. Contact A-1 Certified Environmental Services on 888-217-2719 to get started.