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Taking care of your family involves more than simply meeting their basic needs: it also involves maintaining a safe and healthy home environment.

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We also carry out a number of the other related air testing services such as mold testing and indoor air quality testing. You can also heck out our new VOC Testing page here.

Your loved ones' health is seriously at risk if they breathe in VOCs and other dangerous pollutants that are emitted into the air in various ways. That is why conducting a VOC test on your California home is so important.

Due to the large population of California, there are many instances of active wildfire in the area, which has a severe impact on the area's air quality.

There may be a threat you can't see that might expose your family to dangerous airborne chemicals and cause serious health problems. Find out more about VOC testing and whether your family is at risk of exposure in the following. Read on!

First, what are VOCs and where are they found?

If you have noticed a trend of disease or illness among your family members or coworkers, this could be due to the presence of dangerous VOCs.

VOCs? What are they?

Chemical molecules known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, contain gases that are released into the atmosphere as a consequence of high vapor pressure at atmospheric temperature.

VOCs are air pollutants that are dangerous to people's health. They are present in our everyday surroundings and are released into the air by a variety of items, both liquids, and solids.

These compounds are a type of pollution that circulates in the air as a result of burning fuel or the evaporation of chemicals. When they take the form of gas or vapor, they can be dangerous. 

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These chemical substances have the potential to be hazardous when breathed in, and prolonged exposure to them can have serious health effects if the sources are not found and eliminated. Several typical products containing VOCs include:

* Aerosol spray
* Paint, solvents, plastics, glue
* Cleaning and beauty products that contain acetone, alcohol, or vinegar.
* Gas-burning stoves, grills, candles
* Pesticide
* Burning organic materials like grasses and trees
* Wood preservatives
* Ceiling materials with formaldehyde
* Natural fuels, whether they are end products or finished goods like gasoline
* Benzene present in cigarette smoke and automobile exhaust

You should be on the lookout for a number of additional sources of VOCs in your residence or place of business. It's crucial to conduct testing to make sure your home hasn't been negatively impacted because there are numerous products and items containing VOCs that are used every day in the home and business place.

Why should you conduct a professional VOC testing?

From the details so far in this article, you most likely will already know why VOC testing is necessary. But, let's explain more clearly.

No matter how neatly and peacefully you make your home or office look, indoor VOC toxins can still be present. Thus, you shouldn't prolong calling on trained professionals to test your home or business for VOCs.

As mentioned earlier, prolonged breathing in VOC is very harmful to your health and can result in health conditions like acute respiratory problems, skin reactions, throat irritation, allergic reactions, breathing issues, and breathing troubles.

VOCs can harm the kidneys, liver, and nervous system as well as cause cancer of the nose, lungs, or throat, with prolonged exposure.

Even worse, chronic VOC exposure can cause death if it is present in high enough doses over an extended period. Yes, it’s that bad!

Homes with elderly residents, kids, or members of the family who are prone to illness should be on the lookout for broad indications of elevated VOC levels. These vulnerable family members are more likely to experience more severe effects from the presence of VOCs.

Hence, health and safety are the primary reasons for VOC testing. Other reasons like comfort and reduction in energy bills are secondary.

What does VOC testing involve?

VOC testing entails obtaining air samples from various suspected locations in your home or office and putting the samples through specific processes to establish whether or not your residential or commercial property inhabits volatile organic compounds.

When examining VOCs, Formaldehyde stands out as being the most prevalent. To determine their risk and exposure, homeowners should have professional testing done.

To protect your family and loved ones, it's crucial to test for formaldehyde in California homes due to the substance's numerous potential sources of exposure.

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In addition to mold testing and indoor air quality testing, we have professional strategies in place to identify any VOCs present in your home or commercial property. You can reach out to us to find out the type and quantity of VOCs present in your space.

How to lessen exposure to VOCs

As crucial as routine VOC testing is, lowering the likelihood of your home or office becoming contaminated by VOCs is also essential. Here are a few strategies for lowering your exposure to VOCs.

* Keep children and pets away from any products that contain these chemicals.
* When using goods known to release VOCs, always improve the ventilation.
* When acquiring solvents and chemicals, choose items with a low VOC quantity and only purchase those that you will use right away. Also, ensure disposal of used substance cans.
* Because smoke can easily stick to clothes, furniture, and other soft furnishings, refrain from smoking inside.
* To guarantee an efficient operation, have your HVAC systems cleaned regularly.
* When a home or business property is occupied, avoid performing home renovations.
* Purchase indoor oxygen-releasing potted plants. However, be cautious not to use plants that produce too much pollen.

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We are here to help!

People who live or stay in an indoor space inhabiting VOCs suffer various health problems. To protect your family and loved ones from suffering from impairment brought on by VOCs or other indoor air contaminants, getting professional VOC testing is preferable and safer.

Maintaining the safety of your residential and business properties requires VOC and formaldehyde testing. We've got you covered. Give us a call today!