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Indoor Air Quality Testing and VOC Testing in Long Beach Region

Long Beach, California, was voted one of the 'Most Walkable’ Cities in the USA. However, the air quality in this city strongly counters that position. It is a surprise for a city with so much gusto and vibes that they are least ranked for air quality.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are mostly generated indoors and in congested areas with little ventilation; breathing in this polluted air substance can threaten a person's health. Asthmatic patients suffer the worst effects of exposure.

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In addition to Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing in the Long beach region, we also offer our certified testing services in the surrounding cities of Norwalk, Carson, Downey, Westminster, Lakewood, Bellflower, Seal Beach, Lynwood and Rolling Hill Estate.

It's never too early to start testing for VOC or indoor air quality. Luckily, these tests can be conducted by certified trained professionals. Using simple methods and techniques, which will be further discussed, you can safeguard your family's health.

Not all VOCs are harmful. However, these harmless VOCs can combine with other gases and wreak havoc with your indoor air quality.

With the high populace of the city, the long spells of fog, particle pollution, and overall air degradation can be alarming. The air quality in Long Beach poses severe health risks, mainly to people with high sensitivity.

Inhaling bad air can shorten your lifespan if you continue to live in the affected region. Conducting air quality tests will enable you to reduce pollution, thus extending your lifespan.

We are a full service Certified Environmental Testing business: in addition to Indoor Air Quality Testing, we also do VOC Testing and Mold Testing in most regions of California.

Benefits of Air Quality and VOC Tests

The benefits of Air quality tests are not only limited to private homes. Public sectors and working environments also stand to benefit immensely from these tests. Outlined below are some advantages you get from conducting these tests.

Sometimes, these harmful gases may be odorless and will go undetected until individuals begin to suffer the effects. When you conduct these tests, you are assured that you are free of visible and unforeseen health hazards.

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Reduced Adverse Effects

When a person suffers from any of the symptoms of bad air quality, a simple air quality test can help indicate possible treatment measures that can cure them. However, more serious effects would require professional medical help. Air quality tests in such cases can ensure that your indoor air quality remains are clean as possible.

Lowered Utility Bills

Bad air quality plays a part in increasing your electricity costs. When these VOCs or other gaseous particles are present in the air, your HVAC system is forced to overwork to salvage the situation. Air quality tests will help detect and eradicate these organic compounds. This way, the HVAC system will be tasked with keeping the atmosphere clear as efficiently as possible. By doing this, electricity costs and general utility bills will be lowered.

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Improved Performance

Whether in schools, homes, or work environments, good quality air plays a part in improving overall productivity. When the atmosphere is conducive, the brain can function at its peak. Air quality tests can also help quell the spells of illness that can threaten the overall performance of individuals.

Installing Carbon Alarms

Carbon alarms will notify you of the presence of carbon and any harmful gases that may be introduced into the air. So, if you use appliances that emit fuel combustion, a carbon alarm can turn out to be a very useful and effective safety measure. Getting these alarms may be expensive. However, they are a worthy investment.

Conducting Air Quality Tests - Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing

VOCs are the predominant factors that are assessed by an air quality test. Conducting this test requires collecting air samples and evaluating them in an emission test chamber. Conducting these tests would require professional expertise. We provide this kind of certified testing. We’ll collect the samples and send them to professional labs for the analysis and get the results back to you as quickly as possible.

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How to Reduce Exposure to VOCs

Balancing Ventilation

Good airflow in the environment will disperse any congestion of toxic compounds. Ensure to keep the room properly aerated, especially when using VOC materials such as paint. The room's humidity must be balanced, and the temperature should be cool enough for comfort.

Reducing the use of Materials that Emit VOCs

Controlling the sources that emit these VOCs can help reduce the threat they may pose. If you can, ensure that you avoid these activities or materials unless you have to.
It would be best to dispose of containers of paint, chalks, or other chemicals that can emit these compounds. Keep the windows open, clear out your air vents, and keep your HVAC system functional.

Impacts of Bad Air Quality

The consequences of bad air quality can be grouped into two main categories.

• Short-term effects: Lethargy, nausea, irritation, dizziness, headaches, stuffy nose, respirational complications such as running noses, further asthmatic conditions, et cetera.

• Long-term effects: Liver damage, kidney damage, cancer, nervous breakdown, premature death of infants.

The short-term effects of VOC can be cured by simply eliminating the emitters of the VOC. More harmful effects will require medical help.

Sources of VOCs

•Painted walls
•Wooden materials
•Burning fuels
•Tobacco smoke
•Glues, et cetera

VOC Testing Long Beach

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So long as you live in Long Beach, air quality and VOC tests are necessary. VOCs are emitted from thousands of materials, a majority of which we encounter daily. To safeguard your entire well-being, you must conduct these tests regularly.

As well as Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing in the Long Beach region, we also cover all the local neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area that we serve: Central LA, Bunker Hill, Civic Center, Chatsworth, Arts District, Chinatown, Baldwin Hills, Del Ray, Canoga Park, Central Alameda and Cypress Park.

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How can VOCs be spread?
Humans can contact VOCs either via ingestion, inhalation, or skin contact.

What are forms of transmission available?
VOCs can transmit via solids, liquids, and gases.